Broken Glass Found in Business Class Meal?

This is a photograph taken by FlyerTalk member bonodad of the actual piece of glass reportedly recovered from the business class meal served to him, shown in the background.

FlyerTalk member bonodad — a business class passenger on a recent Lufthansa flight — reportedly found a piece of broken glass after being served his meal. He offers photographic evidence, shown above, as proof of the incident which reportedly occurred on Lufthansa flight 907 on 28 January 2012.
He reports that he felt something hard between his teeth and pulled it out with his fingers, and that if he had spit out the broken piece of glass, his lips would have been badly cut.
Ten days after the incident, Lufthansa reportedly offered him a choice of 5,000 award Miles & More frequent flier loyalty program miles or a one-way higher upgrade ion his next trip as compensation for his disappointing experience, both of which he refused.
Should bonodad have accepted the offer, or does he deserve more compensation than what he is offered? What do you think?

  1. I think that is probably fare compensation.. I mean yes it was bad he had glass in his food but stuff happens… Its not like the Airline did it on purpose.. It just sounds like the guy wants to benefit from the near miss.. What is the world coming to.. It would be different if he ate it and it caused injury then yes the airline should be liable for damages but that didn’t happen. If I experienced this at a restaurant I would expect the meal and drinks for free but thats about all.. Why is it so different at 30,000 ft.. Oh I know airlines are worth billions!

  2. DanNZ100, did you even read the article!?!? Nowhere did it say he requested compensation. In fact, it says he refused compensation offered by Lufthansa. Also, it is “fair” compensation, not “fare.” Please put more thought and effort into your posts. It’s posts like this that lead me to ask, “what is the world coming to?”.

  3. I think he should get 250’000 air miles and top tier status for five years & full refund of that flight!
    Near miss or not that piece of glass could have killed him if he had swallowed it, and the reason it is so different at 35’000FT is obvious! You cannot call an ambulance at 35’000ft.
    What if it was a child?

  4. Ha ha ha… 250,000 air miles and top tier for 5 years and a full refund of business class… Thats probably $15k worth of compensation for a ‘Near Miss” lol you crack me up.. Your not American by any chance are you… PS – Planes can divert!

  5. If this occurred in any regular restaurant, this would be grounds for a very large lawsuit. He should hire a lawyer and settle for something akin to the $2,000,000 McDonald’s coffee incident…or, at least, something in between the 2 extremes.

  6. Consider the fact though – If the airline gave him a large compensation – then they would probably have everybody carrying their own pieces of glass aboard to ‘plant’ in their meal.
    It has happened at a few fast-food restruants and it could also happen 30,000 feet up there.

  7. Usually people with a little tact and intelligence don’t ask huge compensation. It is a bit selfish to worry about a compensation. Instead, one should ask how it won’t happen again so that others won’t get hurt just in case the system is flawed.

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