Buches, Stroopwafeln, Twiglets, Krentenbol Met Kaas, Chicharrones…

…are some of the Snacks That They Just Don’t Understand… that are included in the thread — and perhaps you do not understand them either.

For some people, even worse than snacks whose names are not understood being included are snack habits that can be classified as — well — bizarre. For example, would you think that the person who eats the uncooked noodles right out of a package of noodles designed to be used to prepare a cup of noodle soup is not using his or her noodle adequately? Is one sup-pasta eat spaghetti uncooked? Does slow-roasted turkey tails sound fowl to you? Do you have to be a fruitcake to enjoy a fruitcake? Would you have a chip on your shoulder and kiss off someone who eats chocolate kisses with potato chips simultaneously?

Feast your eyes on the Snacks That They Just Don’t Understand… thread and perhaps post your own strange guilty pleasure to share with other FlyerTalk members…

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