Buffalo Killed in Collision with Airplane

A  Boeing 737-800 airplane operated by SpiceJet — carrying 146 passengers and flight crew members to its intended destination of Delhi — attempted to take off from Surat Airport in India when it hit a stray buffalo, killing it.

Although there were no reports of injuries or deaths — other than the poor buffalo, of course — the following statement currently appears on the official Internet web site of SpiceJet:

Effective Friday, 7th Nov 2014, our flight from/to Surat is indefinitely suspended as a precautionary measure to ensure safety of passengers, after one stray animal hit our Aircraft on takeoff roll at Surat. We regret the inconvenience caused. Please call +919871803333 / +919654003333 to be re-booked on an alternate flight.

The passengers on the affected airplane were transferred to another aircraft to be taken to their intended destination. Airport security was reportedly blamed by the chief operating officer of SpiceJet for the intrusion of the buffalo into the active area of the airport.

“Yum. Spice-y buffalo, grilled to medium rare perfection”, posted Milepoint member MSPeconomist.

As it has been said: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo…

One thought on “Buffalo Killed in Collision with Airplane”

  1. Billy says:

    The MP member’s comment is in poor form.

    I am glad there were no passenger fatalities. Sorry to hear of the loss of the buffalo.

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