Buy Your Own Food On-Board United Airlines Transatlantic Flights

Amidst a spate of price increases for snacks and the elimination of complimentary Biscoff and pretzel snacks on United Airlines flights comes the word that economy cabin passengers will no longer receive a complimentary meal on certain transatlantic flights.

There will even be certain select flights where Buy-On-Board meals will be available to passengers in the business class cabin.

The comments posted to the Transatlantic Meal Service in Y changing to BOB, plus other domestic meal changes thread represents the backlash of many angered and frustrated United Airlines Mileage Plus frequent flier members, including threats of bringing on board meals with pungent odors, patronizing airlines not based in the United States, and even speculation of the liquidation of United Airlines. One FlyerTalk member even thought that this whole story was a hoax!

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