Cabin Pressure Issue Forces Rapid Descent of Qantas Aircraft

Photograph © by Gene Chutka.

A Boeing 737-800 aircraft operated by Qantas Airways had been experiencing problems maintaining pressure in the cabin, forcing the pilot to reportedly plunge the aircraft into what has been reported as a “rapid descent” of greater than five miles within five minutes before landing the aircraft in the Australian town of Rockhampton.
According to a report by The Daily Telegraph, Flight 974 had departed from Brisbane on its way to Townsville only 45 minutes prior to the incident with approximately 150 passengers aboard the aircraft. Oxygen masks had automatically dropped from overhead units prior to the emergency landing due to the aircraft systems being unable to maintain air pressure.
A replacement aircraft brought the passengers to the originally intended destination of Townsville.
Passengers were reportedly shaken up as a result of the incident, with some of them supposedly crying while others appeared to be in shock. Ultimately, the passengers were relieved when the aircraft landed safely in Rockhampton, citing that the pilot “did a fantastic job” and praising the efforts of the pilot.
No fatalities or injuries were reported.

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