Can One Earn Miles in Two Accounts?

FlyerTalk member ff_flyer99 wants to know if there are Two Airlines, Opposite Alliance but Same PNR: Earn Mileage on two accounts?

More specifically, here is what ff_flyer99 asks:

“If I have a booking with AC and then connecting to BA where both the AC and BA sectors are under the same PNR and I have a FF account with AC (to earn AC miles) and a FF account with CX (to earn BA miles) where both the AC and BA booking classes are mileage accurable to those respective FF programs, is it possible for me to earn mileages on the AC flight to the AC account and the BA flight to the CX account when both the AC and BA flights are under the same PNR? If so how does it work? Do I have to call both AC and BA to give them the respective FF # or can my Travel Agent input both FF accounts into the same PNR?”

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