Cannot Access FlyerTalk from Hilton Family Properties?

You may have noticed that I have not posted anything in The Gate for the past few days. This is because I was unable to access FlyerTalk from two Hampton Inn properties at which I stayed this past week.

Hampton Inn is a brand of the Hilton family of hotels. I was able to access any other Internet web site that I chose from each Hampton Inn property – including The Gate – but I was unable to access FlyerTalk at all.

I had a fellow Senior Moderator of FlyerTalk attempt to assist me via e-mail to access FlyerTalk, but to no avail.

Is Hilton attempting to block access to FlyerTalk, or is there another reason why FlyerTalk members cannot access FlyerTalk from Hilton family properties?

For more information about why I was unable to access FlyerTalk from Hilton family hotel properties, as well as solutions that were offered to circumvent this issue, please see the Hilton blocking FlyerTalk?? thread. If you have your own issues and experiences that you would like to share – or, better yet, if you have a better solution to this issue – please post in this thread.

By the way, the solutions currently posted in this thread did not work for me.

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