Career Advice for Former Transportation Security Administration Officer

Normally, what is posted in the Travel Safety/Security forum can be brutal when it comes to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and its airport security policies. Typically, on any given day in this forum, there is a clear line between FlyerTalk members who are airline passengers on one side and FlyerTalk members who are Transportation Security Administration officers on the other side. Debates are heated, opinions are rooted by stubbornness, and frank arguments flare regularly.

However, the tone changes in the Leaving TSA……career advice….. thread where former Transportation Security Administration officer and FlyerTalk member Iworkhere solicits career advice. That clear divisive line is suddenly blurred and those who post in that thread are more than happy to offer assistance.

As is the typical basic FlyerTalk community spirit, it is great to see FlyerTalk members unite to help in a common cause.

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