Loss of Power From Engine Room Fire Strands Cruise Ship in Gulf of Mexico

The cruise ship Triumph — operated by Carnival Cruise Lines and launched into service in 1999 — is currently stranded in the Gulf of Mexico southeast of Galveston, Texas and west of the Yucatan Peninsula as the result of an engine room fire that caused the vessel to lose power.
Food, running water and bathroom facilities for the 3,143 passengers and 1,086 crew members aboard the stranded cruise ship were reportedly limited as reserve power generators provide limited power while it awaited tugboats to tow it to Progreso, Mexico instead of the original destination of Galveston. Once in Mexico — expected to arrive at Progreso on Wednesday — the passengers will be flown via airplane back to the United States. Until then, other cruise ships operated by Carnival Cruise Lines have been supplying the stranded passengers and crew members with dinner and extra supplies.
Passengers will receive a full refund as a result of this experience. There have been no reported injuries or fatalities.

One thought on “Loss of Power From Engine Room Fire Strands Cruise Ship in Gulf of Mexico”

  1. wbl-mn-flyer says:

    Full refund! Awesome.
    The cruise industry is, if you’ll pardon my french, crap.

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