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Stupid Tip of the Day: Take Photographs Immediately After Being Involved in an Automobile Accident

A reader of The Gate — who will remain anonymous — recently contacted me privately with regard to an accident which involved another vehicle struck the rear end of the rental car in which the reader was driving…

…but after submitting all of the paperwork and waiting some time until this matter was resolved with the rental car company, this reader received a notice with an additional claim by the rental car company for an additional $3,000.00 for…

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Stupid Tip of the Day: An Easy Way to Create and Remember Complex Passwords

In this day and age when security breaches of personal and sensitive data seem to be an everyday occurrence from which no one seems to be immune, a robust password is more important than ever — and each account should have a different password so that an unwanted intruder cannot access multiple accounts of yours with a single password…

…so what is the answer? Use technology to…

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18 Tips in Preparing Your Home Prior to Travel

“Of course, there are certain things which no one wants to happen while traveling — such as forgetting to leave the oven on prior to leaving on a long trip. I can assure you that that has never happened to me — nor have I ever had my home burn down or flooded out, thankfully — but if you find yourself constantly worrying about leaving things on and forgetting things, you can always use your portable electronic device to take photographs of such things as turning off the water supply, locking your doors, closing your windows and garage doors, and setting timers prior to leaving your home” is what I wrote in this article pertaining to How Things Can Happen and Change While Traveling on Wednesday, July 10, 2019…

…but trying not to forget anything prior to traveling is far from the only thing you need to do to ensure that your home is waiting for you in the way that you left it.

A large percentage of…

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Stupid Tip of the Day: Never Skip the First Leg of Your Flight Itinerary

You have just purchased a roundtrip itinerary for flights between an origination city and a destination city. You paid the lowest price possible for this airline ticket. You are proud of the smart deal of which you will take advantage…

…but then your plans suddenly change. You miss the first flight of your itinerary, perhaps thinking that you will simply use up the rest of the flights — but the remainder of your itinerary is canceled by the airline. You are then forced to purchase another ticket at your expense without receiving a refund of even a penny for the original ticket which you purchased.


Airlines have…

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“Are You Really Going to Be Standing There The Whole Time?!?”

Funny how things happen not long after an article was posted.

For the Stupid Tip of the Day on Saturday, June 15, 2019, I posted this article advising people to not loiter at places of interest so that other people may have an opportunity to get the photograph they want.

Tongariki is the site of the famous 15 moai statues on Easter Island. This area is opened prior to dawn for anyone who wants to photograph these enormous stone monoliths during when the sun rises. Because this site is so popular…

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