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Allergic Passenger Versus Animal: Did a Cat Really Get Priority Over a Human Passenger?

Lewis Reckline is severely allergic to cats — so when his eyes began to water and his throat became scratchy aboard an airplane operated by Delta Air Lines prior to departure from Atlanta to Oklahoma City, he and his wife Jackie called for the attention of a member of the flight crew.

A woman had apparently boarded with her two cats. Mr. Reckline started experiencing the symptoms of his allergies within only minutes after boarding the airplane, which ultimately forced…

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Stupid Tip of the Day: Why the Lowest Rental Car Rates are Not Always a Good Value

You decide you want to rent a car at your destination, as you find it is the most appealing option — especially as the advertised rates are too irresistible to ignore. After all, few transportation options seem to give you as much freedom as renting a car…

…but if you were to check one thing which could derail what might have been a potentially valuable bargain, that would be…

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Stupid Tip of the Day: Always Have Alternative Methods of Payment When Traveling

No matter how careful you might be when traveling, something can always potentially and unexpectedly go wrong — and that just happened to me recently in terms of a form of payment I use whenever I travel.

I drove my rental car into a petrol station on a highway near Casablanca to fill up the tank. Once the tank was full, it was time for me to pay…

…except that…

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Stupid Tip of the Day: Check Your Take-Out Food Order Before Leaving

You find yourself wanting something quick to eat to tide you over until your next good meal. If you decide upon a fast food restaurant to order your food and take it out of the establishment instead of dining in on site, ensure that you immediately check the contents of your order, for you may find when you arrive at your destination that you may not exactly have what you thought.

Someone related to me a recent case of not getting for what she paid at a fast food restaurant; and…

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Stupid Tip of the Day: Three Reasons to Photograph Information Signs

With the advent of digital technology, photography is as close to instant as ever: no carrying around bricks of boxes of film; no waiting for processing; and once the initial investment of a portable electronic device — or a camera with a storage card — was satisfied, digital photography is basically free and costs no extra money. You can take as many photographs — and, in most cases, videos — as your digital storage can hold; and simply delete the ones which you do not like.

These days, taking hundreds — or even thousands — of photographs during a trip is not out of the ordinary; but organizing all of those photographs once your travels have concluded can potentially…

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Stupid Tip of the Day: Watch Carefully When Overhead Storage Bin is Opened

When a member of the flight crew says “please use caution when opening overhead bins, as items may have shifted during the flight” or “be careful when opening the overhead bins, as items may fall, and please, be sure to close them tightly” or some similar verbiage during the safety announcement, heed that warning by watching carefully if an overhead storage bin located above you is opened at any time.

A metal bottle fell and struck…

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5 City Searches: How Many Cultural Items Can You Find?

With regard to perceived devaluations, stricter regulations, irregular operations and other known and unknown impediments, sometimes we take miles, points and travel way too seriously…

…so how about taking a break for a few moments to engage in a good old-fashioned virtual adventure of hide and seek pertaining to five of the most iconic locations around the world? Can you find the objects which are particularly synonymous with the settings in each of the featured cities?
A series of “virtual treasure hunts” of those five locations has been created — and…

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