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Stupid Tip of the Day: Your Entire Itinerary in One Place

Planning a trip is rarely ever easy. Between trying to secure the best prices, rates and fares at the most convenient times and days while simultaneously creating the best experience possible is nothing short of a gargantuan task — and errors are easy to commit when dealing with so many moving parts of an itinerary.

Having all of the necessary information in one place is paramount for me when not only planning the itinerary of a trip — but also using that itinerary as a guide, as spontaneous changes can occur while traveling.

The method I use tends to be old fashioned; but it works well for me. One example is…

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Save More on Fuel 2019 With Discover and American Express

If you hold an American Express card, you may have received a recent offer through which you can get a statement credit of five dollars by using your enrolled card for a single purchase of a minimum of $30.00 — which is paid at the pump with the swipe of the card and not paid at the cashier inside of the service station — at participating Phillips 66, 76 and Conoco locations in the United States by Thursday, August 1, 2019…

…and you are limited to $15.00 in total statement credits, which means that you can take advantage of this offer up to three times…

…but if you also hold a Discover credit card, you may want to…

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Watch Out For This E-Mail Message Scam Using Your Old Password For Extortion — and What You Can Do

Sometimes legitimate e-mail messages wind up in my “spam” folder; so I check it regularly to ensure that they are not missed by me — and I found that the title of one of the messages in that folder contained an old password which I had used years ago and had since changed.

Seeing that the password was indeed legitimate at one time, I opened the e-mail message and found the following text — and I manually changed the BTC address in it…

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Watch Out For This Mobile Telephone Scam: You Calling Yourself — and What You Can Do

I received two telephone calls from Brian Cohen over the past 24 hours. I did not answer my mobile telephone when it rang because — well — I know I did not call myself. When I checked the list of recent calls, it simply referred to the information about me which is on my mobile telephone — such as my telephone number.

Although I found this bizarre, I reminded myself that over the years, I have received e-mail messages from “myself” which used my e-mail address — but that was easy enough to check when I applied this trick to find out from where the e-mail message actually came.

As this had never happened to me before — nor have I heard about anything similar to this — I decided to research whether or not this has happened to anyone else…

…and I found this article…

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Save Your Money: 7 Tricks I Actually Use to Breeze Through Airport Security

“Airport security is the one part of the air travel journey where there’s no special privileges other than perhaps a separate lane to stand in. It sucks for everyone equally, and generally feels like watching a movie you’ve seen 5,000 times on slow motion, with the white noise volume turned up.”

The paragraph you just read came from…

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Reports of Some Hilton Honors Accounts Breached; Points Used For Amazon Purchases

“I received 2 emails yesterday from Hilton saying that my HHonors points had been redeemed through I immediately logged into my Hilton account and I’ve gone from approx 268,000 down to 1000, so around 267,000 were stolen. No idea how this could have happened. Email stated to call Amazon if there is a problem with the transaction or if I was not the one who placed an order. It doesn’t make sense that they say they cannot track down a transaction using my Hilton number as there has to be some kind of record of the points transfer from Hilton.”

The paragraph you have just read is…

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Be Careful About Returning Rental Cars During Late Hours…

I have already cautioned about returning a rental car after hours during the time when a rental car facility is closed, which is based on my personal experience; but you should apparently also be careful when returning a rental car during late hours when the rental car facility is open as well.

No one was available at the rental car facility at Orlando International Airport when…

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6 Steps on How to Safely Use an Evacuation Slide In the Event of an Emergency

The probability of you being involved in a crash or accident while you are a passenger seated aboard an airplane is so remote that you will likely never have either of those experiences — but if you do, you may have to use an inflatable evacuation slide.

At first glance, evacuation slides look like they could be fun to use — but in the event of an actual emergency, they can actually…

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What to Do to Survive an Airplane Water Landing — A Photographic Essay Which Could Save Your Life

The probability of you being involved in a crash or accident while you are a passenger seated aboard an airplane is so remote that you will likely never have either of those experiences; and incidents of water ditching — which is when an airplane lands in the water in the event of an emergency — are so rare in commercial aviation that they occurred only 21 times in the past 67 years, so you will almost certainly never experience a real incident.

Virtually any pilot or member of a flight crew will tell you that 21 water ditching incidents since 1952 is 21 times too many; but as extremely rare as the possibility may be, it still could happen — and this article gives you information which just might save your life…

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