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Whatever You Decide.

Because The Gate is read all over the world by thousands of readers, I usually have to watch what I write, as quite a few people from virtually every phase of my life read my articles — but although I typically eschew posting personal information about myself, I am feeling like posting something a little more personal right now; so please bear with me with my current catharsis of writing this article.

I must admit that I have been in a bit of a funk due to…

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Bali is Closed For the Day. Right Now.

Thursday, March 7, 2018 is the third day of the six days that the Balinese New Year is celebrated; and the entire island of Bali is now as close to completely silent as possible for Nyepi.

“On the 3rd day the entire Island comes to a standstill, with no scheduled incoming or outgoing flights from Ngurah Rai airport in Denpasar (DPS)”, according to…

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How to Break Up With Someone at the Airport? Seriously?!?

In one of the stranger articles pertaining to travel which I have read in a long time, advice is given that if you are seeking to end a relationship with someone, consider doing it at the airport — and reasons are given as to why the airport is a potentially optimum place to do so.

The main reason why ending a relationship at an airport is supposedly ideal is because…

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Stupid Tip of the Day: When You Should Exchange Currency at the Airport

You likely raised an eyebrow when you read the headline of this article, as I loathe to exchange currency at the airport because of the currency exchange rate, commissions or fees — or, even worse, a combination thereof which can add up to a costly sum of money…

…so why would anyone even consider exchanging currency at the airport?

The answer is simple…

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Trying to Mitigate His $450 Mistake in Iceland

Iceland may be downright cheap to which to travel; but it is a very expensive place to visit in many respects — and Andy Luten of Andy’s Travel Blog unfortunately learned the hard way about committing a careless mistake which wound up costing him at least $450.00 and several hours of his time.

“I had pulled into Skogafoss at about 2pm”, Andy wrote in his article pertaining to what he calls…

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Most Scenic Drives in the United States — Pixel Art Style

Road trips in many places around the world can be a great way to get to know the countries in which you are driving — but from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean; from the Canadian border to the Mexican border; and from Alaska to Hawaii, many roads in the United States are some of the most scenic in the world, as diverse vistas of mountains, forests, deserts and oceans come to mind. 

This article…

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8 Guidelines to The Great Window Shade Debate

Yet another debate by members of FlyerTalk over the proper etiquette pertaining to window shades aboard airplanes was launched back on Thursday, November 17, 2016 — and it became contentious enough for the discussion to be closed only two weeks later by a moderator to further posting of content.

The topic of window shades has been — and remains to this day — one of the most controversial topics amongst frequent fliers for many years and has caused as much angst as the debates over armrests and reclining seats: who gets to determine whether the window shade is raised or lowered?

This is only a sampling of…

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Total Solar Eclipse in Argentina and Chile: July 2, 2019

“If you have the opportunity to see a total solar eclipse in person, do whatever you can to see it. Not everyone will be amazed by it; but I was — and your next opportunity is in Chile and Argentina on Tuesday, July 2, 2019.”

The paragraph you just read was what I wrote in this article which includes my photographs of the last total solar eclipse, which…

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