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Stupid Tip of the Day: Never Skip the First Leg of Your Flight Itinerary

You have just purchased a roundtrip itinerary for flights between an origination city and a destination city. You paid the lowest price possible for this airline ticket. You are proud of the smart deal of which you will take advantage…

…but then your plans suddenly change. You miss the first flight of your itinerary, perhaps thinking that you will simply use up the rest of the flights — but the remainder of your itinerary is canceled by the airline. You are then forced to purchase another ticket at your expense without receiving a refund of even a penny for the original ticket which you purchased.


Airlines have…

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“Are You Really Going to Be Standing There The Whole Time?!?”

Funny how things happen not long after an article was posted.

For the Stupid Tip of the Day on Saturday, June 15, 2019, I posted this article advising people to not loiter at places of interest so that other people may have an opportunity to get the photograph they want.

Tongariki is the site of the famous 15 moai statues on Easter Island. This area is opened prior to dawn for anyone who wants to photograph these enormous stone monoliths during when the sun rises. Because this site is so popular…

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8 Places Around the World: One Photograph, Four Seasons

Everybody talks about the changing seasons with eager anticipation — but have you ever slowed down to contemplate the strangeness of this quarterly makeover of nature?

The color of the sky, the quality of the light, a carpet of blossoms, leaves, or snow: all can each transform a moody landscape into a tranquil paradise…

…and even better is that the magic of travel can allow you to experience the opposite season with little more than an airplane flight. For example, if you want snow now, head on down to the southern hemisphere to experience some winter weather.

One other little interesting tidbit of information: how would you like to technically experience all four seasons within a split second? Find out at the end of this article just how to accomplish that…

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Stupid Tip of the Day: Create Your Own Passport Photographs

Instead of spending as much as $15.00 to have someone take a photograph of yourself for your passport, you can spend as little as 23 cents — perhaps even less, if that really matters — to do it yourself…

…but if you do, you need to follow the rather strict requirements as outlined by the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the State Department of the United States — or risk having your passport application rejected and returned to you, which can delay the process of obtaining a new passport.

In fact, the main reason as to why applications for new or replacement passports are delayed is because…

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10 Tips on Purchasing Souvenirs

As with photographs and videos, souvenirs are the most cherished items which evoke memories of a trip — reminders of the activities you did and the sights you saw which you will most likely never forget.

Souvenirs are also a way to take a piece of the place where you visited home with you as a reminder of that faraway land every time you look at it — whether it is a work of arts and crafts; a natural object such as a rock or a sea shell; an item which is considered unusual in the region where you are based; or perhaps a few notes and coins of the currency of the country itself…

…but that prized item you brought home with you can become tarnished — literally and figuratively — when you realize that…

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Stupid Tip of the Day: Link Different Record Locators of Passengers Traveling Together

When people travel together on a trip — especially families — they typically book the trip as a group under the same record locator, which is an alphanumeric code of six characters in the reservation system of an airline. It is essentially similar to a confirmation number…

…but at times, different passengers of the same group traveling together may have airline tickets with different record locator numbers. Two of many reasons may be that…

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Stupid Tip of the Day: Do Not Loiter at Places of Interest

You are in another country; and you want a photograph of a place of interest. You take out your camera or portable electronic device; and you wait for the crowds to dissipate — even if for only a moment — so that you can capture that treasured visual memory of your trip…

…but as the people leave and the place of interest becomes quieter…

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How to Keep a Car Clean When Driving in Iceland

Driving a vehicle in Iceland in general is not difficult in and of itself; but it does have its pitfalls — and one of them is driving on the many unpaved roads which permeate much of the small island country.

Keeping a rental car clean is very important — if only to ensure that no damage lurks underneath the thick layer of dirt and grime which eventually coats much of the car after driving on rutted roads pocked with depressions and comprised of nothing but gravel, dirt and rocks…

…and in order to…

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