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Is Handling Food With Bare Hands Disgusting?

What if you were at a lounge or restaurant and was ready to eat something — only to find that the food for which you were craving was handled with bare hands? Would you then suddenly lose your appetite?

“While the lounge is beautiful and well-stocked with high-quality food and drinks, the hygiene of the food preparation leaves much to be desired”…

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Stupid Tip of the Day: Raising an Armrest on the Aisle

Many people believe that the armrest on the seat in the economy class cabin adjacent to the aisle is rigid and cannot be moved — yet there are reasons why someone seated in the aisle seat would want that armrest raised: for greater ease of sitting in the seat; or perhaps for some extra room when standing up is not an option at the moment.

Many airplane models are equipped with…

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Stupid Tip of the Day: 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Agree To Watch Someone’s Belongings

So there you are at the airport, waiting for your flight at the gate; or, perhaps you are relaxing in an airport lounge, minding your own business — and then someone comes along and asks you to watch his or her bag or other item so that he or she can go somewhere else to do whatever he or she needs to do.

Your initial instinct may be to be a nice fellow human being and convince you to say “yes” and accept the responsibility — but you should not do so for four reasons…

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22 Most Aggravating Types of Passengers — They Are…

As a frequent flier, an encounter with a fellow passenger who irritates you is bound to happen sooner or later — and you probably already have at least several of those experiences to share — but which types of passengers are considered to be the most aggravating?

The holiday season — from before Thanksgiving through after New Year’s Day — is usually the busiest time of year for air travel. If you…

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14 Tips on What You Can Do to Prevent From Being Scammed by a Rental Car Company

Companies seem to be doing whatever they can to extract more and more money out of you these days — especially through marketing which can be perceived as deceptive — and they may even be willing to sacrifice your trust in them to increase their revenues…

…but while companies may engage in practices where could be considered borderline fraud and yet may be perfectly legal, there are employees and franchisees who may cross that critical line and…

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5 Ways on How to Prevent Bed Bugs From Coming Home With You

The phrase “sleep tight; and don’t let the bed bugs bite” was nothing more than a saying for decades since bed bugs were virtually eradicated; but the parasite returned with a vengeance approximately twenty years ago and has been causing problems for travelers around the world — especially in hotel rooms.

This article discusses five ways on how to prevent bed bugs from coming home with you — as well as how you know there are bed bugs present in your hotel room.

Consider this story of a couple from California who stayed at a hotel in New York and seemed to have nothing but horror…

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Allergic Passenger Versus Animal: Did a Cat Really Get Priority Over a Human Passenger?

Lewis Reckline is severely allergic to cats — so when his eyes began to water and his throat became scratchy aboard an airplane operated by Delta Air Lines prior to departure from Atlanta to Oklahoma City, he and his wife Jackie called for the attention of a member of the flight crew.

A woman had apparently boarded with her two cats. Mr. Reckline started experiencing the symptoms of his allergies within only minutes after boarding the airplane, which ultimately forced…

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Stupid Tip of the Day: Why the Lowest Rental Car Rates are Not Always a Good Value

You decide you want to rent a car at your destination, as you find it is the most appealing option — especially as the advertised rates are too irresistible to ignore. After all, few transportation options seem to give you as much freedom as renting a car…

…but if you were to check one thing which could derail what might have been a potentially valuable bargain, that would be…

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