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The Glory of a Glory: What is a Glory — and Have You Seen One?

“After hundreds of flights over the last couple of years, I snapped this out of the window as we descended to LHR from Düsseldorf this morning- something I’ve never seen before. I thought it was a circular rainbow and I had been lucky to get the shadow of the aircraft in the middle, but it turns out it’s a ‘Glory’”, FlyerTalk member Row9 posted. “So frequent travellers, how common is it?”

The definition of a glory is…

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Should Passengers Who Evacuate With Baggage Be Fined?

“As a woman, I don’t have the luxury of putting my most important documents, phone, etc, in my front pocket. If I leave my purse on the plane, how do I prove who I am? Fortunately, this has never happened to me, but you can be sure that if it ever did, I will certainly be grabbing my purse.”

Thankfully, most passengers of flights will never get to experience an evacuation from an airplane due to a crash or a fire as two examples of a critical emergency; but…

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Why Do Passengers Grab Baggage Before Evacuating an Airplane?

“The pre-flight briefing should drop the seat belt how-to and include a clear explanation of liability coverage in the case of an accident. Ok, maybe that sounds dull — but I suspect many people grab belongings because they relate it to ‘lost luggage’ in typical ops, where getting remuneration is exceedingly difficult. ‘Leave your stuff behind; we’ll replace it all. We can’t replace your life.’”

This comment written by…

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You Can Own a Flight Simulator or an Emergency Evacuation Training Simulator

You dream about it every day: the ability to pilot a large commercial aircraft through the skies — whether they are clear and calm or turbulent — from taking off to “greasing” the landing on a runway. Perhaps you secretly relish the chance to escape a cabin filled with smoke and whump yourself down on the emergency evacuation slide to freedom — but then, there is that whole pesky fire and crash thing going on there which can be rather dangerous…

…and who wants to deal with the annoying crowds who are also trying to flee while carrying their baggage?

Your fantasies could become a reality — provided that…

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No Survivors of Saratov Airplane Crash in Russia

An Antonov AN-148-100 airplane which operated as Saratov Airlines flight 703 and originated in Moscow on its way to Orsk has crashed near Dergayevo in the Ramensky District in Russia with at least 65 passengers and six members of the flight crew aboard the aircraft — none of whom survived, according to multiple sources and reports which are still currently unconfirmed.

The cause of the crash is…

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Toilet Problems Forces Airplane Full of Plumbers to Turn Around

A Boeing 737-8JP aircraft which operated as Norwegian Air Shuttle flight 1156 from Oslo to Munich on Saturday, January 27, 2018 was forced to turn around due to problems with the toilets…

…but flushed with irony is that of the 85 passengers aboard that airplane who are involved with the plumbing industry in Norway, as many as 70 of them were plumbers from…

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