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My First Time Aboard a Boeing 787 Dreamliner and As a Passenger of LATAM Airlines

Ever since the Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” airplane embarked on its first flight on Tuesday, December 15, 2009, I had traveled to five continents on multiple airlines — and although seemingly everyone else in the world has already experienced it, I had never been a passenger of one of these airplanes because the opportunity simply never presented itself…

…until my flight to…

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Stupid Tip of the Day: Do Not Talk on the Telephone After Airplane Doors Closed — Otherwise…

“I was on Ua 922 today. Door closed, safety briefing…. FA walks down aisle to check belts. Tells a passenger to shut his phone off. Didn’t hear his exact response but sounded like he says he’s not really talking on it or something. She says ‘excuse me?’ Heads to cockpit. Door opens. Plane door opens. Pilot says we have to take care of a matter. Ground agents come on and ask man to deplane, which he does without a fuss. First time I’ve seen this…. And I’ve seen worse abusers of phones later in takeoff process than this…”

What you just read was this experience which was imparted by…

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Fast Food Brought Into the Premium Class Cabin: Is This Really a Controversy?

“On my recent flight from Santiago to LHR in First I was surprised to see that 1A came on board with a box of McDonald’s chicken nuggets which he then proceeded to eat with his pre-departure LP champagne. The crew seemed a little taken aback too (some eye rolling in the galley and an amused ‘Shall I take that for you now sir?’ as soon as the food had been consumed).”

The scenario which you just read was…

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Some Survivors Grabbed Belongings as 41 People Perished in Airplane Crash in Russia?

Of the 78 people who were aboard the Sukhoi Superjet 100-95 aircraft — which operated as Aeroflot flight 1492 from Moscow Sheremetyevo airport on its way north to Murmansk in Russia — only 37 are reported to have survived a fiery crash yesterday afternoon, which destroyed most of the rear half of the airplane…

…but the following videos allegedly show some of the survivors who left the doomed aircraft carrying their belongings as they walk away from the wreckage.

Could more people have survived this crash had some of those survivors had not first retrieved their belongings before exiting the aircraft?

“As a woman, I don’t have the luxury of…

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6 Steps on How to Safely Use an Evacuation Slide In the Event of an Emergency

The probability of you being involved in a crash or accident while you are a passenger seated aboard an airplane is so remote that you will likely never have either of those experiences — but if you do, you may have to use an inflatable evacuation slide.

At first glance, evacuation slides look like they could be fun to use — but in the event of an actual emergency, they can actually…

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What to Do to Survive an Airplane Water Landing — A Photographic Essay Which Could Save Your Life

The probability of you being involved in a crash or accident while you are a passenger seated aboard an airplane is so remote that you will likely never have either of those experiences; and incidents of water ditching — which is when an airplane lands in the water in the event of an emergency — are so rare in commercial aviation that they occurred only 21 times in the past 67 years, so you will almost certainly never experience a real incident.

Virtually any pilot or member of a flight crew will tell you that 21 water ditching incidents since 1952 is 21 times too many; but as extremely rare as the possibility may be, it still could happen — and this article gives you information which just might save your life…

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Is There Something Wrong With This Photograph From Avis?

As I was researching an offer for rental cars about which to write an article, I happened to check the Internet web site through which Avis Rent A Car System offers promotions within the United States; and I spotted an offer with which you may be familiar.

Through this particular ongoing offer, you can…

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