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9 City Skylines As Visualized Inside Their Signature Drinks

The greatest cities in the world are associated with many things; but what is one of the best ways to enjoy them? Try their signature drinks — the drinks which contribute to defining them. From powerful and intoxicating concoctions to more laid-back cocktails, these drinks tend to reflect the culture and character of cities in which they were created.

This article — which…

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Get a Coupon For a Free Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar

Always looking for opportunities to shore up my stash of snacks — both healthy and not — for when I travel, I stumbled across this offer to grab a coupon for a free Oreo chocolate candy bar in honor of National Oreo Day.

Yes, apparently there is a National Oreo Day — but I digress.

In order to receive a coupon…

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The 20 Most Disgusting Canned Foods in the World?

I rarely ever go to the canned goods section of a grocery store during my travels — primarily because I do not have a can opener; but more so because canned food is usually not appealing to me. If the can has a top which is easy to open without a can opener and the hotel room in which I am staying is equipped with a microwave oven — should the food need to be cooked — that may change things…

…but I never realized what is a potential novelty in visiting certain sections of a grocery store which I would otherwise skip, as I could run into some interesting items about which I could write.

I accidentally stumbled across…

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Free Pancakes on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 — Today Only!

Go to a participating location of the International House of Pancakes on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 — that is today, in celebration of the thirteenth consecutive year of what is being called National Pancake Day at IHOP — from 7:00 in the morning through 7:00 in the afternoon to enjoy a free short stack of three buttermilk pancakes with no questions asked.

However, there is a catch…

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7 Types of Foods You Should Never Buy at the Airport?

At one point or another, you might succumb to the temptation of purchasing food items at an airport — even if you eschew the offerings at various establishments — during a long layover; if you have no access to an airport lounge; or if you had been traveling for 12 straight hours on flights which food options were minimal at best.

Think pretzels or peanuts and a small beverage with that last example.

Reasons why travelers may not entertain the option of partaking in airport fare include…

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How KFC Addressed Its Chicken Shortage

Kentucky Fried Chicken — or KFC, as it is better known — suffered from a shortage of chicken to the point where it was forced to either temporarily close or offer a limited menu of items at most of its 900 restaurants in…

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Shamrock Shakes Return in 2018 — But…

The venerable Shamrock Shake has returned to McDonald’s restaurants as of Thursday, February 1, 2018; but if you take a look at the official Internet web site of the tasty frosty treat, you will notice that…

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Relax. Chocolate Will Not Disappear in 40 Years…

To some people, tasting wines is important when traveling. Others must scale the highest point within a region. Still others need to travel to every stadium to watch home teams battle it out against their opponents in their respective sports…

…and to many people, chocolate cures the sweet tooth of travel. After all, can you imagine traveling to places such as Switzerland or Belgium and not sampling the chocolate?

Yet, rumors were swirling like whipped cream in hot cocoa pertaining to…

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Coffee is the Grossest Thing Aboard Airplanes — Besides the Lavatories?

“Coffee. Don’t drink the coffee on airplanes. It’s the same potable water that goes through the bathroom system”, according to this article pertaining to ten questions you always wanted to ask a flight attendant which supposedly reveals what an anonymous flight attendant told Justin Caffier of Vice. “We recently had a test for E. coli in our water and it didn’t pass, and then maintenance came on and hit a couple buttons and it passed. So, avoid any hot water or tea. Bottled and ice is fine, of course.”

Aside from the fact that the word potable means safe to drink, the water aboard airplanes — which is used in coffee by some airlines — is generally not safe to drink.

“Unless the source of the water used for hot drinks is either…

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