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Review: Oby’s in Starkville, Mississippi

A po’ boy is a type of sandwich from Louisiana that consists of French bread with a choice of food between the two halves, such as meat, seafood, vegetables, or combinations of these. According to legend, in a New Orleans streetcar strike in 1929, a restaurant known as…

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Save Up to 30 Percent Off of Food and Beverages 2019 With IHG Rewards Club in Asia Pacific, Greater China, the Middle East and Africa

You can save between 10 percent and as much as 30 percent on the purchase of food and beverages at participating restaurants and bars in hotel and resort properties — with or without a stay at a participating hotel or resort property — in the India, Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, South Korea and Australia regions which participate in the IHG Rewards Club frequent guest loyalty program…

…but you must…

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Is Profiting From a Per Diem Considered Unethical?

If your company pays you what is known as a per diem — which is typically a fixed allowance or payment for certain expenses per day — every time you travel, is profiting from it considered unethical?

One example is when…

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Fast Food Brought Into the Premium Class Cabin: Is This Really a Controversy?

“On my recent flight from Santiago to LHR in First I was surprised to see that 1A came on board with a box of McDonald’s chicken nuggets which he then proceeded to eat with his pre-departure LP champagne. The crew seemed a little taken aback too (some eye rolling in the galley and an amused ‘Shall I take that for you now sir?’ as soon as the food had been consumed).”

The scenario which you just read was…

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An Interesting Conversation About Tipping at a Restaurant Pick-Up Counter

The meal had already been paid via the Internet; so all I had to do was head on over to the restaurant to pick it up. This particular restaurant is located near where I am based. Whether I dine in or take the food out to bring home, my experiences there are generally good; and the customer service recovery is usually at least satisfactory whenever an issue arises.

When I arrived at the restaurant slightly earlier than when the food was supposed to be ready, I walked over to the counter where the food is picked up to take out…

…and after waiting at that unmanned counter for approximately seven minutes…

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What is Wrong With This Trivia Photograph?

The unintended series of What Is Wrong With… articles has proven to be quite popular. Basically what happens is that something catches my eye — even when it is not obvious — and I post it in an article here at The Gate for you to view as I wonder if you see what I see.

Well, it happened again last night as…

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