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What is the Big Deal About Free Breakfast at Hyatt Place?

Many articles pertaining to the recent changes of the breakfast which was once automatically included for all guests of Hyatt Place hotel properties flooded BoardingArea a couple of days ago; and one would have thought that the world was coming to an end.

The new policy is that…

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Are Claims in Class Action Lawsuits Unethical If Claimant Suffered No Damages?

Class action lawsuits affect all industries — including airlines, the receiving of calls as the result of telemarketing of cruise companies, and other aspects of travel. They are usually formed when a person believes that he or she has been wronged by a company; and attorneys find that other consumers underwent a similar experience. In a class action lawsuit, one of the parties is a group of people who are represented collectively by a member of that group…

…but what happens more often than not when…

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Job Offer: Travel the United States For Six Months as ‘Best Life’ Ambassador For White Claw

You love to travel and enjoy it so much that you are willing to pay to do it — that is a likely conclusion to assume if you are reading The Gate; and yes, you have read this at least twice before — but how would you like to get paid $60,000.00 to travel around the United States for up to six months and take photographs?

Over the course of up to six months, White Claw — which is a manufacturer of “hard” flavored seltzers — is seeking two ‘Best Life’ ambassadors who…

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JetBlue to Deliver Authentic New York Pizza to Los Angeles

If you are based in Los Angeles, you may be able to enjoy a gastronomic classic of New York later this week.

As an initiative of what JetBlue Airways calls Pie in the Sky, 350 authentic pizzas from New York will be available for purchase on a first come, first served basis and delivered every day to…

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Simply Cutting Back Does Not Grow a Business…

I dined for lunch with a companion recently at a local restaurant; and one of the items which I typically enjoy is ravioli, as I do not eat it very often — but my last experience was disappointing primarily because of significant cutbacks on the food.

When I started dining at this particular restaurant, the dish contained…

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9 City Skylines As Visualized Inside Their Signature Drinks

The greatest cities in the world are associated with many things; but what is one of the best ways to enjoy them? Try their signature drinks — the drinks which contribute to defining them. From powerful and intoxicating concoctions to more laid-back cocktails, these drinks tend to reflect the culture and character of cities in which they were created.

This article — which…

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Get a Coupon For a Free Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar

Always looking for opportunities to shore up my stash of snacks — both healthy and not — for when I travel, I stumbled across this offer to grab a coupon for a free Oreo chocolate candy bar in honor of National Oreo Day.

Yes, apparently there is a National Oreo Day — but I digress.

In order to receive a coupon…

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The 20 Most Disgusting Canned Foods in the World?

I rarely ever go to the canned goods section of a grocery store during my travels — primarily because I do not have a can opener; but more so because canned food is usually not appealing to me. If the can has a top which is easy to open without a can opener and the hotel room in which I am staying is equipped with a microwave oven — should the food need to be cooked — that may change things…

…but I never realized what is a potential novelty in visiting certain sections of a grocery store which I would otherwise skip, as I could run into some interesting items about which I could write.

I accidentally stumbled across…

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