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Using a Suggestion Box as a Tip Box at Breakfast

As I pored over photographs in preparation for an article pertaining to my recent experience at a hotel property which offered breakfast as part of the room rate, something caught my attention which I did not realize or notice while I was there…

…a small clear acrylic box was on the counter island in the middle of the breakfast area which…

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You May Get a Share of Money From Sonic Drive-In Settlement

You may be eligible for your share of $4,325,000.00 from a class action settlement which was reached in mediation if you are a resident of the United States of America who purchased anything at one of the 325 impacted Sonic Drive-In locations using a credit card or debit card between Friday, April 7, 2017 and Saturday, October 28, 2017…

…but you must…

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Do You Leave a Tip or Gratuity for Taking Out Food From a Restaurant?

When considering flights, getting to your hotel or resort property from the airport, and perhaps preparing for that business meeting the next day, the process of travel can potentially consume an inordinate amount of time — and sometimes renders the option of going to a restaurant to sit down and relax while enjoying a dining experience virtually impossible.

Options can include…

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Shamrock Shakes Have Returned For 2019

The looming arrival of Saint Patrick’s Day means that — for several weeks beforehand and for as long as I can remember — the venerable Shamrock Shake has returned and is currently available for a limited time at select McDonald’s restaurants…


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Should Breakfast Attendants at Hotels Receive Tips and Gratuities From Guests?

Gratuities and tips have long been controversial with regards to travel and dining — to the point of contentiousness from all sides of the issue, as evidenced by the following articles which I wrote for The Gate over the years…

…but what if you were a paying guest at a hotel property which offered a free continental breakfast buffet — think Hampton Inn, Fairfield Inn or Holiday Inn Express as three examples — and you saw a tip jar displayed prominently in the breakfast area during the hours in the morning when breakfast is available? Would you leave a gratuity?

Thinking that this practice is…

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You May Get a Share of Money From Ginger Ale Settlement

You may be eligible for your share of $11,200,000.00 from a class action settlement which was reached in mediation if you had purchased Canada Dry ginger ale products between Tuesday, January 1, 2013 and Wednesday, December 19, 2018…

…but you must electronically submit your claim with a valid claim no later than…

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Can You Spot the $11.2 Million Mistake on This Can?

I must start out by apologizing to you, as the title of this article is actually not true. The mistake on the can of Canada Dry ginger ale in the photograph — one of millions of similar cans — will cost the company which manufactures the product significantly more than $11.2 million.

I will…

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Are Cruise Lines The Next Frontier for Lucrative Ancillary Fees?

Ordering room service aboard a cruise ship used to be included with the cost of a cruise — but now some cruise lines have been charging as much as $7.95 for room service; and other cruise lines are considering implementing a charge.

Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean both already charge $7.95 for room service — other than for orders for continental breakfast — as of 2015 and March 2017 respectively.

According to an announcement from Carnival Cruise Line — which…

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