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Ends Tonight: Get Your Share of Money From Lithium-Ion Battery Antitrust Settlement

If you have not yet submitted a claim, tonight is your last opportunity to do so: you may be eligible for a share of $113 million from an antitrust settlement which was reached in litigation if you purchased a laptop computer, camcorder, mobile telephone, “smartphone”, tablet computer, digital audio player, camera, or cordless power tool for your own use and not for resale between Saturday, January 1, 2000 and Tuesday, May 31, 2011 and was a resident of the United States during that period of time…

…but you must…

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Resort Fees are Here to Stay, According to the Chief Executive Officer of Marriott International

“You’ve got resort fees in the hotel industry, you’ve got baggage fees in the airline space. None of us as consumers necessarily love it. But what we tried to do is to be very clear about our disclosure.”

What you just read is a statement by Arne Sorenson — who is the current president and chief executive officer of Marriott International, Incorporated — in this…

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This is How Visitors in Rental Cars Should Pay Electronic Tolls

Many motorists who have regularly commuted on toll roads for years seem to applaud the substantial changes in how tolls are collected via technology: no more slowing down or stopping at a toll plaza to pay a live attendant; no more carrying a tray full of coins and bills to pay the tolls; and they even get to enjoy a discount every time they pass under a gantry to electronically pay their tolls — just drive at highway speeds as though tolls did not exist; and pay the total amount owed at the end of the month via credit card…

…but electronic tolls have not been kind to the visitor who rents a vehicle and drives on toll roads which no longer accept cash. Not only does the toll authority — which operates or oversees toll collection on highways — charge visitors the full price of the toll and extra fees to pay via mail; but rental car companies have also been fleecing their customers in the form of…

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One Simple Way to Reclaim That Resort Fee Which You Paid

“Would like more information on reclaiming resort fees as referenced in Section 4, please” is what Txrus — who is a reader of The Gate — asked in the Comments section of this article pertaining to four reasons why mandatory resort fees may finally be disappearing, in which I asked, “Did you know that attorneys general in many states in the United States — but not Nevada, in which the practices is widespread in cities such as Las Vegas — have reportedly said that the practice of implementing mandatory resort fees is unlawful; and that guests can reclaim resort fees?”

You only need to spend as few as 60 seconds worth of your time and effort to…

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Even Worse: Mandatory Resort Fees as Percentage of Room Rate

The concept of mandatory resort fees — which are also known by such euphemisms as destination fees and facilities fees — is enough to cause someone frustration, as they are added to the room rate and ultimately force guests to pay them whether they want to do so or not…

…and in many hotel and resort properties, at least they are set at a fixed rate per night — not including tax, of course — so that once you find out about them during the booking process, you can fairly predict what will be the total cost of staying for a night as you are comparing room rates and room types.

However, some hotel and resort properties charge a mandatory fee which is a percentage of the room rate. One such property is…

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Is Profiting From a Per Diem Considered Unethical?

If your company pays you what is known as a per diem — which is typically a fixed allowance or payment for certain expenses per day — every time you travel, is profiting from it considered unethical?

One example is when…

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4 Reasons Why Mandatory Resort Fees May Finally Be Disappearing

Mandatory resort fees — and their brethren, which include mandatory destination fees and mandatory facilities fees — have been the scourge of the lodging industry in the United States and several other countries…

…but although now is not exactly the time to celebrate — just yet, anyway — evidence exists that the heyday of these nefarious fees may actually be starting to wane; and at least four reasons have been cited…

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One Way to Expedite Your Passport Renewal Free of Charge — But It is Not Without Risk

“Renewing my passport makes me nervous for a couple of reasons” is what Michael Wasserman of Michael W Travels… wrote in this article. “Our next trip is at the end of June. Even with the expedited service, the processing time is estimated at 2-3 weeks. This gives me just enough time to get new passport back in time for the trip.”

The Bureau of Consulate Affairs of the Department of State of the United States can require anywhere between six weeks to eight weeks to process the renewal of a passport; and having a new trip scheduled for whatever reason during the time in which your passport is being renewed is certainly not unreasonable — especially if you are a frequent traveler.


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Please Give Examples of Price Increases Prior to Sale Offers

“This promotion is a joke. I’ve been keeping my eye on the price of a room at the Hyatt Waikiki for this December; after reading your post I just checked it again. The price I was seeing for the past few months was $790 (including taxes) for two nights (advance purchase, ocean view, club access). Guess what? The price has now suddenly risen to $943 for the same room. In other words, it’s gone up 20%. So not really a deal at all.”

That paragraph you just read was…

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2019 May Be a Better Year to Visit Iceland — Primarily Because…

This year may present an opportunity for you to visit Iceland as opposed to recent years.

The recent bankruptcy and resulting collapse of WOW Air apparently had a significantly detrimental impact on the economy in Iceland — to the point where its central bank cut its main interest rate by half a point to four percent on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 — although it was not the only reason for the woes which the island country is currently facing…

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