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Are Claims in Class Action Lawsuits Unethical If Claimant Suffered No Damages?

Class action lawsuits affect all industries — including airlines, the receiving of calls as the result of telemarketing of cruise companies, and other aspects of travel. They are usually formed when a person believes that he or she has been wronged by a company; and attorneys find that other consumers underwent a similar experience. In a class action lawsuit, one of the parties is a group of people who are represented collectively by a member of that group…

…but what happens more often than not when…

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Reader Question: Work Permit in a Passport Which is Almost Full

“So, we have passports that do not expire until 2025. Our book has only one page left, but we also have work permits for Uganda in our passports. We go frequently to Kenya and can’t be without our passport for any length of time. Not sure how to proceed. The American Embassy here in Uganda clearly does not exist to help American citizens, not sure what to do any help is greatly appreciated.”

What you just read was this question which…

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Simply Cutting Back Does Not Grow a Business…

I dined for lunch with a companion recently at a local restaurant; and one of the items which I typically enjoy is ravioli, as I do not eat it very often — but my last experience was disappointing primarily because of significant cutbacks on the food.

When I started dining at this particular restaurant, the dish contained…

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Leaving Japan to Become More Expensive in 2019

Saying sayonara to Japan will become more expensive.

If you leave Japan via airplane or ship — whether or not you are a citizen — you will be required to pay a departure tax of ¥1,000 effective as of Monday, January 7, 2019 as a result of a bill which is designed to increase investment in tourism infrastructure and promote travel destinations in rural Japan, as well as fund campaigns for global tourism.

“The nation attracted a record…

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Is This Secret to Ease the Pain of Paying Resort Fees Viable?

Mandatory resort fees — and their siblings known as mandatory facilities fees and mandatory destination fees — are still spreading like a plague across the lodging landscape primarily within the United States; and with no signs of abating anytime soon.

Worse is the fact that these bogus fees have been increasing in cost — which means that guests have been paying these fees. For example, Caesars Entertainment raised nightly resort fees earlier this year at eight of its nine properties located in Las Vegas — including…

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