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This Airline Now Charges 5.99 to Carry Aboard Bags. Ridiculous Fee or Not?

Starting back on Sunday, August 1, 2010, at least $45.00 was charged per flight — or as much as $90 for one round-trip flight — to store belongings in the overhead storage compartment aboard airplanes which were operated by Spirit Airlines, which is considered to be an ultra-low-cost carrier. Fees for carry-on baggage on domestic and international flights were then increased from $45.00 to as much as $100.00 each way effective as of Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Almost eleven years later, Spirit Airlines still charges passengers to store belongings in the overhead storage compartments aboard its airplanes.

Taking a cue from Spirit Airlines, a fee of €5.99 or £5.99 is imposed on passengers who carry baggage of up to ten kilograms aboard airplanes which are operated by…

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Do Not Pay For a Fuel Shortfall in Your Rental Car

Technology in automobiles has progressed to the point at which the amount of gasoline or diesel fuel in the fuel tank can be measured precisely — and some rental car companies are taking full advantage of that capability by charging customers for the amount of fuel which supposedly should be in the tank but is not.

“I returned a local rental car on…

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Watch Out: Hotel Energy Surcharges Are Slowly Returning in 2021

Remember when hotel and resort properties implemented energy surcharges to cover rising utility bills back in 2000 — often without advance notice to you, the guest? Some hotel properties even charged a fee just for having a telephone in your room — whether you used it or not. Lawsuits against lodging companies were filed. The result was that lawyers were paid handsomely; while you were offered a coupon. Whoopie.

As a result of a number of recent factors — such as rising fuel prices and financial losses from the current 2019 Novel Coronavirus pandemic as two examples — hotel and resort properties are scrambling to find creative ways of increasing revenue in order to be more profitable…

…and one of those ways is the return of the energy surcharge. Yes, that electricity that is provided to your room during your stay may actually be an extra charge — whether you use it or not — rather than being included in the room rate.

As one example…

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No Occupancy Tax on New York Hotels in 2021 For Three Months

Staying at a hotel property in New York will become slightly less expensive on Tuesday, June 1, 2021 due to the suspension of the hotel room occupancy tax rate for three months as a result of an executive order which was signed by the current mayor of the City of New York.

The relief — which will…

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9 Reasons to Be Careful About Buying Gift Cards

One good offer which has been promoted by multiple restaurants is to receive a promotional card worth $20.00 when you purchase $50.00 worth of gift cards. Depending on the fine print in terms of restrictions, that can be a great deal: a free $20.00 worth of food if you already had planned on spending at least $50.00 anyway — promotion or no promotion — at the restaurant of your choice.

However, unlike frequent travel loyalty program miles and points — in which I questioned in this article as to whether or not they are a currency — gift cards use actual currency to comprise its value. You can get gift cards for just about any company at many denominations of value — such as a gift card to a restaurant worth $50.00…

…but you also have to watch out for the eight pitfalls of gift cards — because if you do not pay attention, you could get burned.

Here is a list of the nine pitfalls of gift cards into which you should be careful not to fall…

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Hertz to Emerge From Chapter 11 Bankruptcy as Soon as June 2021

Hertz Global Holdings, Incorporated — which includes certain subsidiaries of its operations in the United States and Canada — is poised to emerge from reorganization under Chapter 11 in the United States Bankruptcy Court as soon as June of 2021 if all goes well, as a recent official press release announced that all of the required court filings have been completed and are needed to continue the process, which was initiated at the beginning of March 2021.

Upon its emergence from Chapter 11 under the current terms of two proposals, Hertz Global Holdings, Incorporated would…

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15 Tips on What Can You Do as Rental Car Rates Increase in the United States

The inventory of vehicles in the fleets of rental car companies has significantly been reduced for the year 2021 — but for a simple reason: the basic economic principles of supply and demand as the result of the current 2019 Novel Coronavirus pandemic.

As demand for renting vehicles declined substantially, rental car companies either reduced the inventory of vehicles in their fleets accordingly; declared bankruptcy protection; a combination thereof; or have gone out of business…

…but now that demand is spiking, fewer vehicles are currently available to rent — and because rental car companies cannot simply just order thousands of new vehicles at a time and have them immediately delivered to meet that demand, rates to rent vehicles will likely increase significantly.

As for what can you do to mitigate the pain…

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New York to Drop Domestic Quarantine Requirement — And Increase Tolls

Travelers from another states or territories of the United States will no longer be required to quarantine after entering the state of New York effective as of Thursday, April 1, 2021, according to this official press release from Andrew M. Cuomo, who is the current governor of New York — a mandatory quarantine still remains in effect for travelers who arrive from anywhere else in the world — but if you are one of those travelers who has been wanting to visit the city of New York and plan to drive a vehicle, get ready to pay more in tolls next month as well.

The Department of Health of the State of New York still…

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