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7 Postcards of Lost States of America Which Never Existed — Yet, Anyway

You probably know by now that I am fascinated by the anomalies of geography — how borders were formed, inconsistencies in the numbering of highways, typefaces used on road signs, roads which inexplicably end or go nowhere, and states of the United States which were proposed but never happened, as only a few of many examples — and have written many articles as a result.

A series of fictitious postcards for seven states which were proposed but do not currently exist has been created — and…

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Stricter Requirements for Emotional Support Animals By JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airways now requires all passengers traveling with emotional support animals and psychiatric service animals to provide documentation of proof of health or vaccinations a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the departure of a flight effective as of Sunday, July 1, 2018 — and emotional support animals are limited to only one per passenger.

For new flight reservations which are booked on or after Sunday, July 1, 2018, passengers who travel with emotional support and psychiatric service animals must submit three completed documents via e-mail message or fax to JetBlue Airways…

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7 Travel Posters — If Designed By 7 Film Directors

You see them while walking on the jet bridge from the gate to the airplane; in an office as part of the decor; or in the windows of travel providers around the world: the ubiquitous travel poster, which is designed to inspire us and compel us to travel to some far corner of the earth. Staring at a travel poster has our imaginations visiting in that part of the world — even if only for a brief moment, wondering how it would feel like to actually be there.

Similarly, film directors also transport our imaginations to different places and times through their work in the form of movies and videos.

A series of fictitious travel posters for seven destinations has been created using the signature styles of seven film directors — and…

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United Airlines Tightens Restrictions on Its PetSafe Program

United Airlines has further enhanced its restrictions on the transportation of pets with its PetSafe Program which became effective as of Monday, June 18, 2018 — which includes no longer accepting reservations for certain breeds of dogs and cats.

The following changes…

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Windowless Airplane? I Still Say No Thanks

The advent of airplanes one day becoming windowless has again been mentioned since I first wrote this article on the topic back on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 — and my opinion is still unchanged.

Eliminating windows aboard airplanes can reduce the weight of the aircraft — which could translate into less fuel consumption — while simultaneously increasing its strength by eliminating weaknesses in the structure of the fuselage and resulting in airplanes possibly flying at faster speeds. Windows could be replaced with plastic display screens as one of several solutions.


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Overhead Light On During Overnight Flights

For many passengers, the opportunity to get some modicum of rest is while seated aboard an airplane during an overnight flight — and if those passengers are able to sleep despite conditions which are typically less than favorable, all the better…

…but when a person seated nearby decides to turn on the overhead light…

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Was Pilot Justified for Demanding Conversing Passengers to Shut Up?

Imagine you and your colleague are seated in the premium class cabin on a flight which departed at approximately 10:30 in the evening — but was not a “red-eye” flight — and you are both engaged in a conversation with each other when a uniformed pilot sitting in a seat adjacent to you repeatedly tells you to shut up.

At the conclusion of the boarding process, a pilot in full uniform sat in one of the…

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Stupidly Drunk.

Whether partaking in wine, beer or spirits, imbibing in alcoholic beverages is part of a time-honored tradition of celebration for centuries — but some individuals can get substantially more than a little carried away.

While people associated with ZorkFest 2018…

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