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Daylight Saving Time 2019 Reminder: Clocks Jump Ahead One Hour

If you have a flight tomorrow departing from most locations within the United States and Canada, remember that clocks jump ahead — or “spring forward” — one hour due to Daylight Saving Time, meaning that you will lose an hour at 2:00 in the morning on Sunday, March 10, 2019.

Although Daylight Saving Time is prevalent in most of…

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Whatever You Decide.

Because The Gate is read all over the world by thousands of readers, I usually have to watch what I write, as quite a few people from virtually every phase of my life read my articles — but although I typically eschew posting personal information about myself, I am feeling like posting something a little more personal right now; so please bear with me with my current catharsis of writing this article.

I must admit that I have been in a bit of a funk due to…

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How to Break Up With Someone at the Airport? Seriously?!?

In one of the stranger articles pertaining to travel which I have read in a long time, advice is given that if you are seeking to end a relationship with someone, consider doing it at the airport — and reasons are given as to why the airport is a potentially optimum place to do so.

The main reason why ending a relationship at an airport is supposedly ideal is because…

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Obese Airline Passengers: The Debate Continues in 2019

A passenger reportedly charged a fellow passenger $150.00 for taking up a third of his seat space aboard an airplane due to his being obese — despite attempts by the large passenger to squeeze himself into his own seat as much as possible.

Whether that incident actually occurred or not is not the point. Rather, the debate over obese passengers aboard airplanes is as controversial as ever.

“Most people don’t know it but you can actually…

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The Most Endangered Wildlife in Every State in the United States: An Illustrated Tribute

Thousands of endangered species around the world are on the brink of extinction — and human beings are the greatest enemy of bio-diversity, as we are responsible for the endangered status of 99 percent of the species which are at risk.

Although some conservationists have been hard at work to reverse this trend for a number of endangered populations, hundreds of species in the United States alone are still fighting a losing battle for survival.

A series of posters which celebrates the wildlife — which each state in the United States could lose forever — has been created; and…

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A Free Vacation by Becoming a Member and Having Trees Planted? Not Quite…

This is an interesting offer which I stumbled across: a free vacation is being offered to members of an organization called 8 Billion Trees, whose mission is to fight to overcome rampant deforestation, harmful greenhouse gases, global warming, and carbon dioxide emissions by helping Earth do what it does best — grow and sustain life — by planting ten trees for every single member, every single month.

As of 2019, this message appeared on the application form for membership…

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Airlines to Offer More Gender Choices

The ticketing process of at least six airlines which are based in the United States will reportedly change in the near future to offer passengers the option of identifying themselves other than as either male or female — even though the Transportation Security Administration advises that…

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New Zealand Does Not Exist.

Despite the facts that New Zealand is larger than the United Kingdom in terms of area and is greater than two-thirds the size of Japan — as well as has more miles of coastline than the state of California; a mountain range which is larger than the Alps in Europe; and a lake which is the size of Singapore — the country has been inexplicably ignored by the rest of the world in terms of being missing on an increasing collection of global maps; and therefore, nowhere to be seen.

To raise awareness of this issue…

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Total Solar Eclipse in Argentina and Chile: July 2, 2019

“If you have the opportunity to see a total solar eclipse in person, do whatever you can to see it. Not everyone will be amazed by it; but I was — and your next opportunity is in Chile and Argentina on Tuesday, July 2, 2019.”

The paragraph you just read was what I wrote in this article which includes my photographs of the last total solar eclipse, which…

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