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Atlanta to Ban Smoking Completely at Its International Airport in 2020. I Support It.

Although smoking and “vaping” are currently restricted to specially designated smoking rooms and other certain specific areas of the international airport which serves the greater Atlanta metropolitan area, an ordinance for a broad and complete ban will be in effect as of Thursday, January 2, 2020 — meaning that those smoking rooms on the concourses will be closed.

After members of the city council voted…

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The Longest Distance Traveled Where the Destination is the Same Time

Hi. I’m Brian Cohen. You may remember me from such articles as Have You Ever Celebrated Your Birthday During the Opposite Season? and Have You Forgotten The Simple Wonders of Travel? and Thoughts on a Passion For Travel and Our Mortality.

Sorry. I thought I would channel my inner Troy McClure for the introduction of this article.

I recently traveled between…

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How Things Can Happen and Change While Traveling

My mind began to wander as I sat in the chair at the dentist this morning in preparation for the periodic cleaning of my teeth — and the first thought which came to my mind was When did the song The Long Run by the Eagles become dentist music?!? before thinking about the sentiment in the song Don Henley Must Die by Mojo Nixon…

…and then my mind turned to more serious — but not that much more serious, to be grammatically incorrect — things. The main one is how things can happen and change while traveling.

They could be small, insignificantly middling things. For example…

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8 Places Around the World: One Photograph, Four Seasons

Everybody talks about the changing seasons with eager anticipation — but have you ever slowed down to contemplate the strangeness of this quarterly makeover of nature?

The color of the sky, the quality of the light, a carpet of blossoms, leaves, or snow: all can each transform a moody landscape into a tranquil paradise…

…and even better is that the magic of travel can allow you to experience the opposite season with little more than an airplane flight. For example, if you want snow now, head on down to the southern hemisphere to experience some winter weather.

One other little interesting tidbit of information: how would you like to technically experience all four seasons within a split second? Find out at the end of this article just how to accomplish that…

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We Ingest Enough Plastic to Eat One Credit Card Per Week

Plastic is everywhere. It forms garbage patches in the oceans. It is found in some of the most remote locations on earth — from Arctic sea ice to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, which is the deepest trench in the world located in the western Pacific Ocean. It is even found in the very air we breathe…

…and a “new study by the University of Newcastle, Australia suggests that…

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Update: Subway Tunnel to NOT Be Completely Closed for 18 Months in New York — Instead, This Is Happening…

“This official statement — which was issued by the New York City Transit division of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority — revealed that massive reconstruction work needed to the Canarsie Tunnel will require a full closure of the tunnel for 18 months starting no sooner than 2019. Service in Manhattan will be suspended during the entire length of the closure of the Canarsie Tunnel; while service in Brooklyn is expected to remain relatively normal.”

The paragraph you just read was from this article which I wrote on Tuesday, August 9, 2016 pertaining to the necessity of repairing a vital link in the subway system in New York while simultaneously ensuring the safety of passengers with as little inconvenience as possible…

…but interestingly, an alternative solution was apparently figured out through which the critical reconstruction work can supposedly be performed and completed within 18 months without having to completely shut down the Canarsie Tunnel, as this announcement from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority pertains to the latest update in relation to the project…

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Single Use Plastic Toiletry Bottles at Hotels to Become Illegal in California?

As of last week, Ash Kalra found out that he is closer to having his way: personal care products in the form of miniature plastic toiletry bottles — which contain fewer than 12 ounces of liquid product — is one step closer to be banned from lodging establishments in California effective as of Sunday, January 1, 2023, as members of the State Assembly of California voted 50-24 on Wednesday, May 29, 2019 to pass the bill into law.

Kalra — who represents parts of eastern San Jose in the 27th Assembly District in the California State Assembly as a member of the Democratic political party — submitted an amendment to Assembly Bill number 1162 to prohibit lodging establishments in the state of California from “providing a small plastic bottle containing a personal care product to a person staying in a sleeping room accommodation, in any space within the sleeping room accommodation, or in an area that is shared by the public or guests” to be effective as of Sunday, January 1, 2023.

Moreover, the bill — which…

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Illustrations of 7 Buildings Never Constructed in the United States

Many iconic structures have defined the permanent urban landscape of the United States — including the Empire State Building, Golden Gate Bridge and Washington Monument as only three of many examples…

…but despite the reputation of the country as being the land of opportunity, did you know that some of the grandest architectural projects in the United States — which could have…

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