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Doing This Ruins Recycling. Please. Don’t Do This.

As I was sitting while having breakfast at the Home2 Suites by Hilton Pittsburgh Cranberry, PA hotel property, a conversation started between me and an employee who worked at that hotel property — and she told me something about recycling which I had never thought pertaining to lodging…

…and that is to…

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Reducing the Risk of Measles When Traveling Through Airports

Although most measles cases in the United States result from international travel, the risk of your exposure to measles is also currently possible at five different airports within the United States, as travelers who were confirmed to have been diagnosed with measles passed through the following airports…

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What is Wrong With This Map of the Continental United States?

I was reading an article online earlier today which included sponsored advertisements, and one of these advertisements included a map of the continental United States divided into several regions.

I then noticed immediately that something is wrong with the map shown. Upon glancing at it a few more times, I noticed…

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14 Tips to Fight Jet Lag

Upon arriving at your destination from a long international trip by airplane, you feel tired and are ready to go to bed for the night — but the time is only 1:00 in the afternoon. Why might this happen — and how do you combat the potentially significant discomfort to your mind and body which is caused by what is known as jet lag?

The term jet lag is…

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Why This Highway Sign in New York Was Controversial

Merely reaching the border of any jurisdiction can invoke excitement — regardless of whether it is a country, state or even city — especially when it is a place to which you have never been before; and especially when a sign is present welcoming you to that place…

…but one highway sign had been controversial: the one which…

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How to Avoid Getting Sick Whether or Not You Are Traveling

In a public washroom inside of a restaurant recently, I spotted a man who simply left without washing his hands. “Urine is sterile” is what some people say; but that is the least of the concern, as flushing the toilet and pulling on the door to leave the washroom are two of the things he touched — and who knows what germs he might have picked up simply by touching those items before returning to his table to eat.

The flu season is under way in the northern hemisphere; and yet some people still…

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The Locations of 52 Most Iconic Homes on Television — Well…Most of Them, Anyway…

How many times have you watched a television program enough to recognize the house in which the main characters of the show lived? Have you ever wondered if those homes were real — and if so, where they were located?

Sometimes these borrowed homes have fictional addresses — for example, a house in Brentford might act as the home of a character in Bel-Air. Other times, the houses are…

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Does the Stress of Travel Really Cause People to Behave Differently — Enough to Bite a Police Officer?

Traveling is arguably not for the squeamish, as so many factors can contribute to the stress experienced with it: delays or cancellations of flights, tight connections, crowds, long lines, a plethora of rules and restrictions, rude people, and disputes over such items as armrests, reclined seats, window shades aboard airplanes, seat swapping, emotional support animals, obese passengers, people with allergies, space for storing items in overhead storage bins, smokers, gender neutrality, and the fear of nefarious people who want to disrupt our lives with committing acts of terror as only 17 of countless issues which barrage people who travel via airplane…

…but can all that stress of travel be enough for someone to behave differently — even to the point of biting a law enforcement officer?

Apparently so, if you believe…

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Can a Daily Dose of Music Help to Keep You Healthy?

The results of a recent study — which was commissioned by a company that provides streaming music — claims that listening to an assorted variety of styles of music for at least 78 minutes per day will help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Scientists at the British Academy of Sound Therapy conducted a global study of greater than 7,500 participants has suggested a “recommended daily allowance” for music which incorporates your choice of music by listening to the following styles of music on average of…

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The Most Common Last Name in Every Country in the World

“What’s in a name?”

When a pining Juliet cited her famous speech in Romeo and Juliet, she may have been thinking of the field of onomastics, which is the branch of linguistics that deals with the study of names. The origins and usage of our surnames reveal extraordinary insights into the history and culture of different societies.

According to legend…

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