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Could Chicago Become the Newest State in the United States?

Chicago could become the newest state in the United States if one lawmaker has his way.

Brad Halbrook — who is a Republican member of the Illinois House of Representatives — filed resolution HR0101 back on Thursday, February 7, 2019; and is urging the House of Representatives of the United States to allow the city of Chicago to secede from the state of Illinois and become its own state.

The bill…

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$351.56 Total Round Trip Los Angeles — Shanghai

You can travel from Los Angeles to Shanghai for as little as $351.56 round trip as a passenger on airplanes operated by Sichuan Airlines when you book your tickets through Momondo; and your itinerary can last as long as a couple of months — or as few as two days if you want a quick turnaround…

…but keep in mind that…

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