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My First Time Renting a Car From SIXT Rent a Car

Stop me if you heard this one before: an American customer rents a French car from a German company in the Dominican Republic; and……on second thought, I am going to tell this story anyway. Here we go…

Arriving via airplane at 9:30 in the evening is not the best thing to do, as after I passed through customs at Punta Cana International Airport in the Dominican Republic, none of the rental car booths were manned or open…

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ONE TWO FREE From National Car Rental Will Return for 2019

I received an e-mail message from the Emerald Club frequent renter loyalty program of National Car Rental recently requesting that I “keep a good thing going” and “preregister for ONE TWO FREE 2019.”

The message was concise — similar to the one I received last year — as follows…

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This is How Visitors in Rental Cars Should Pay Electronic Tolls

Many motorists who have regularly commuted on toll roads for years seem to applaud the substantial changes in how tolls are collected via technology: no more slowing down or stopping at a toll plaza to pay a live attendant; no more carrying a tray full of coins and bills to pay the tolls; and they even get to enjoy a discount every time they pass under a gantry to electronically pay their tolls — just drive at highway speeds as though tolls did not exist; and pay the total amount owed at the end of the month via credit card…

…but electronic tolls have not been kind to the visitor who rents a vehicle and drives on toll roads which no longer accept cash. Not only does the toll authority — which operates or oversees toll collection on highways — charge visitors the full price of the toll and extra fees to pay via mail; but rental car companies have also been fleecing their customers in the form of…

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Hertz Introduces Monthly Subscription Service as an Alternative to Owning or Leasing Vehicles — But…

Imagine being able to drive a car and not have to worry about insurance, full vehicle maintenance, roadside assistance, hidden fees and a commitment for the long term, which are issues that are associated with either owning or leasing a vehicle.

Hertz My Car is a new monthly subscription service which allows you to “enjoy hassle-free driving with access to a variety of cars with liability coverage and no maintenance fees” with two different tiers…

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Did Hertz Remove Yet Another Feature of Gold Plus Rewards With No Advance Notice or Warning?

“I’ve recently paid attention to the dollars-off redemption options. For example, 600 points for $30 off. Can be a reasonable redemption value when rates are low. If rate is $15/day, this yields two days for 600 points, versus 1500 points required under the newly-worsened reward chart. Obviously better for customer. And if Hertz corporate is concerned about redemptions on super-high-priced vehicles at peak time, this also helps protect them against that” is what veteran FlyerTalk member bedelman posted in this discussion. “Today the dollars-off redemptions are no longer appearing for me within, and also appear to be missing from…points-program. Gone for good? What a double-whammy that would be.”

When I checked, the redemption of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points for discounts on car rentals indeed is no longer anywhere to be found at the official Internet web site of Hertz.

The following awards were not…

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Please Give Examples of Price Increases Prior to Sale Offers

“This promotion is a joke. I’ve been keeping my eye on the price of a room at the Hyatt Waikiki for this December; after reading your post I just checked it again. The price I was seeing for the past few months was $790 (including taxes) for two nights (advance purchase, ocean view, club access). Guess what? The price has now suddenly risen to $943 for the same room. In other words, it’s gone up 20%. So not really a deal at all.”

That paragraph you just read was…

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I Finally Received Notice About Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Changes. Nine Days Later.

At least nine days have elapsed since the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards frequent renter loyalty program underwent a massive devaluation through which the redemption of points for rewards across the board increased by as much as 81.82 percent — along with the implementation of a new points cancellation policy — and I finally received notification about the changes earlier today via e-mail message…

…and in addition to the word enhancements, the word enriched was used to describe the changes in a euphemistic light…

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