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Please Give Examples of Price Increases Prior to Sale Offers

“This promotion is a joke. I’ve been keeping my eye on the price of a room at the Hyatt Waikiki for this December; after reading your post I just checked it again. The price I was seeing for the past few months was $790 (including taxes) for two nights (advance purchase, ocean view, club access). Guess what? The price has now suddenly risen to $943 for the same room. In other words, it’s gone up 20%. So not really a deal at all.”

That paragraph you just read was…

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I Finally Received Notice About Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Changes. Nine Days Later.

At least nine days have elapsed since the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards frequent renter loyalty program underwent a massive devaluation through which the redemption of points for rewards across the board increased by as much as 81.82 percent — along with the implementation of a new points cancellation policy — and I finally received notification about the changes earlier today via e-mail message…

…and in addition to the word enhancements, the word enriched was used to describe the changes in a euphemistic light…

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From What Company are You Really Renting Your Car?

Some people are threatening to take their business elsewhere to other rental car companies since Hertz implemented changes to its Gold Plus Rewards frequent renter loyalty program — including but not limited to redemption rates for rewards increased by as high as 81.82 percent; a new point usage cancellation policy; and other changes which became effective as of Monday, January 7, 2019 — but to which rental car companies should they consider patronizing?

What you may not know is that the rental car industry in the United States is mostly dominated by only three major companies — chiefly from a series of mergers and acquisitions over the years…

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More Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Devaluation: Point Usage Cancellation Policy Now in Effect

As if the increase in the redemption of points by as much as 81.82 percent and other perceived negative changes which had already been implemented were not enough as part of the massive devaluation of the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards frequent renter loyalty program, a new point usage cancellation policy is now in effect — and it is practically buried at the official Internet web site of Hertz.

The exact verbiage of the new point usage cancellation policy is as follows…

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Daily Getaways Adjusts For Up to 82 Percent Hertz Devaluation

The problem is that a massive devaluation occurred with the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program with no notice or advance warning earlier this week, with which the redemption of points towards vehicle rental rewards increased in cost by up to 81.82 percent — and the original offer was still intact until earlier today…

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Massive Devaluation of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards 2019 With No Notice or Warning Whatsoever

“A heads up on the Hertz deal next week if you were going to cover it. In past years, this was an amazing deal and I purchased it several times. But Hertz just implemented (last day or two unannounced) one of the biggest devaluations I’ve ever seen (awards costs increased 50-67% across the board). The deal for next week is now completely inaccurate and misleading in its description (not their fault – Hertz did this completely underhandedly). As example, the 16,500 rewards now costs 25,000. The 13,200 reward doesn’t even exist as weekend rewards were eliminated. A lot of people try for that one but should be warned . . .”

That warning was posted by…

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