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Is This a Good Way to Pay For Electronic Tolls?

“Toll roads should accept cash. At the very least, they should have an online system where you can pay within 24 hours of using the toll road or toll bridge. That would be good for people renting cars who otherwise have to pay insane fees.”

What you just read was…

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Why Governments are Hypocritical in Forcing Businesses to Accept Cash

When was the last time you used cash to pay for anything?

With the advent of credit cards — as well as a plethora of electronic payment services and alternative currencies; and compounded with the gradual elimination of pennies and other smaller denominations of currency — cash is becoming less relevant every day; and businesses are embracing this brave new era of cashless payments…

…but some businesses no longer accept physical cash at all as a payment — and William K. Greenlee decided to do something about that, as he objected to that business practice.

The city of Philadelphia passed a law which…

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Qantas Airways Web Site Crashed During First Day of Centennial Birthday Sale

In celebration of 100 years of being in business as of November of 2020, Qantas Airways started offering 100 airfares each day for four days at a cost of $100.00 each way when purchased as a round trip itinerary in what is being called a “once in a century sale”: its birthday sale…

…but the official Internet web site of Qantas Airways became inoperable as the sale started yesterday at 5:00 in the afternoon Eastern Standard Time, as it apparently could not handle the traffic of all of the people trying to snag one of the 100 airfares between Los Angeles and either Melbourne or Sydney.

I received an Internal Server Error message when I attempted to purchase one of those elusive tickets…

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Test Piloting a New Airbus A350 Flight Simulator: The Video

New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Seattle, Atlanta and Goose Bay — you know, the airport in Newfoundland and Labrador where airplanes divert in the event of an emergency such as when this Boeing 767-300 aircraft operating as United Airlines flight 958 from Chicago to London had to land there back in June of 2015 — were among the destinations on the spontaneous flight itinerary during a solid two hours in an Airbus A350 flight simulator so new that a pilot had yet to be officially trained in it.

The video…

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Another System Failure Impacts British Airways Operations August 7 2019

A failure in the information technology which is crucial to the operations of British Airways at its London Heathrow Airport hub, London Gatwick Airport hub, and London City Airport hub forced the beleaguered airline to delay, cancel and reschedule greater than 500 flights earlier today, Wednesday, August 7, 2019…

…and the “domino effect” has spread to…

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How to Earn 500 Bonus World of Hyatt Points For Each Stay 2019

You can earn 500 bonus World of Hyatt points for each qualifying stay you complete at participating hotel and resort properties worldwide through Monday, September 30, 2019 when you book your reservations on the new official mobile application software program — and no registration is required in order for you to participate in this promotion.

Each qualifying stay must…

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