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Thank You For 13 Years: The State of The Gate 2019

I thought I would touch upon what changes have occurred within the past year at The Gate with this article — as well as at least three new projects about which I am thinking for the future.

A new series of itinerary and master guide articles was launched earlier today. They will contain links to separate articles pertaining to particular destinations as part of an effort to better organize The Gate. They will also double as an impetus — and a reminder — for the remainder of unwritten articles to be written. Each itinerary and master guide article is a work in progress and will be completed once all of the articles have been written and posted.

The first of the itinerary and main guide articles was posted earlier today; and it pertains to…

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Renaming the Stupid Tip of the Day Series: Your Thoughts Requested

The purpose of the series of articles called Stupid Tip of the Day is to offer advice which is so well hidden in plain sight that it may seem too obvious to impart and that everyone probably knows about it, leading the person giving the advice to think that someone else might think it is actually stupid — and have second thoughts about giving it after all…

…but some readers of The Gate have misinterpreted the meaning of Stupid Tip of the Day — and understandably so.

For example, in response to…

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Editorial: My Concern About How Travel, Miles and Points Are Reported

Something which has been on my mind for quite some time has been causing me some concern — and that is the evolution of journalism overall in the day and age of electronic media. Information — real or fake — is easier than ever to disseminate with the use of social media; and the double-edged sword of mixed blessings it has created has eventually led to the increasingly difficulty of the struggle to survive for many traditional media outlets. This, in turn, has led to fewer journalists reporting on the news in a way which…

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The Gate Episode 0001 Audio Program — March 9 2019

Well, it took me 12.5 years since The Gate was launched; but I have finally decided to try out creating an audio program — and please excuse the quality of the audio, as it is unedited and without anything fancy added to it.

Titles of these articles which include audio programs will be more specific in the future; but for this one, I just figured…

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Thank You — and Happy Thanksgiving 2018 to You

Please allow me to be one of the first to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving holiday — unless you celebrate the American holiday in the eastern hemisphere, where it is already Thanksgiving as I write this; or if you happen to be Canadian, in which case you already celebrated Thanksgiving on Monday, October 8, 2018.

Similar to last year, plenty of negative news pertaining to…

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Thank You For Twelve Years: The State of The Gate 2018

Twelve years. That is one dozen years ago today unofficially.

Where have they gone?!?

“As for The Gate, I never did quite figure out how to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Although I am proud of that achievement, I ironically am not a stickler for when to celebrate anything — contrary to the purpose of posting this article. I have celebrated my birthday two months after the fact. I partook in Thanksgiving one year during the summer instead of in November. When the time is right for me, I intend to celebrate ten years of the existence of The Gate.”

That paragraph is an excerpt from…

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Meet a Couple of BoardingArea Bloggers in the Atlanta Area: Would You Be Interested?

Adam of Point Me To The Plane — who is based in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area, as am I — communicated with me via e-mail messages greater than two years ago; and one of the topics we discussed is the possibility of loosely organizing an informal meeting where you can meet with both of us.

Time has slipped by me since I first proposed this idea on Friday, June 24, 2016; and before I knew it, two years have passed — but that does not mean that organizing an informal gathering of travelers is off the table.

I just heard from Adam again earlier this week; and he is still interested in doing this as am I.

In addition to the gathering, we might…

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I Need to Get Out More.

This is a quick note from ZorkFest 2018 in Las Vegas to convey a thought: as someone who writes articles for The Gate, looking at numbers as to how many times readers access articles — which in some cases were written in quiet isolation — is rather easy with which to get caught up…

…but here at…

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Ditch the Comments Section For Social Media?

I thought that perhaps my imagination was playing tricks on me; but it seemed to me that media organizations have been shutting down their Comments sections — so I searched as to whether or not this is actually a trend of sorts…

…and I stumbled onto two articles — both of which were written by…

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