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Ditch the Comments Section For Social Media?

I thought that perhaps my imagination was playing tricks on me; but it seemed to me that media organizations have been shutting down their Comments sections — so I searched as to whether or not this is actually a trend of sorts…

…and I stumbled onto two articles — both of which were written by…

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Thank You — and Happy Thanksgiving 2017 to You

I realize that I am several hours early; but I wanted to be the first to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving holiday — unless you celebrate the American holiday in the eastern hemisphere, where it is already Thanksgiving as I write this; or if you happen to be Canadian, in which case you already celebrated Thanksgiving on Monday, October 9, 2017.

The spate of recent negative news pertaining to frequent travel loyalty programs…

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Thank You For Eleven Years: The State of The Gate 2017

“As for The Gate, I never did quite figure out how to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Although I am proud of that achievement, I ironically am not a stickler for when to celebrate anything — contrary to the purpose of posting this article. I have celebrated my birthday two months after the fact. I partook in Thanksgiving one year during the summer instead of in November. When the time is right for me, I intend to celebrate ten years of the existence of The Gate.”

That paragraph is an excerpt from this article pertaining to what is the first official article written for The Gate once it became available to the public…

…and yet — before I knew it — another year has passed. I never did get to celebrate ten years of the existence of The Gate, as August 2017 marks its eleventh anniversary.

I thought I would touch upon what changes have happened within the past year at The Gate with this article.

The purpose of The Gate when it was first launched was…

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New Aggregator For Travel Weblogs

BoardingArea may be your first stop when searching for articles pertaining to miles, points and travel — as well as some other ancillary topics — but you might want to also read other weblogs which are not part of BoardingArea; and you think to yourself, “Would it not be nice to just have links to all of the articles of which I am interested in reading in one place?”

Your wish just might have come true…

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A Word About Politics and Travel

You read articles at BoardingArea — such as those posted here at The Gate — for information pertaining to miles, points and travel. Perhaps you are seeking a way to earn miles faster; save on how many points you redeem for an award; read a trip report to view photographs of some land far away; want to know the best way to achieve elite level status in a frequent travel program; or figure out on how to save money on airfares, lodging or rental cars.

Sometimes there is a story which is off topic. That is all right once in a while…

…but in reading the comments sections of…

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Three Updates at The Gate for 2017 About Which You Should Know

For a number of years, I had thought about creating videos and “radio” programs to accompany articles at The Gate — or perhaps simply stand on their own. I have had experience in editing video content; and at the time when I first thought about creating a video channel, the technology was not nearly as advanced or as easy as it is today. For example, YouTube had stringent requirements and limitations to the size and length of videos which were uploaded; whereas today, a video can basically be uploaded directly from its raw format, as I have done with the following test which I believe you will be interested in watching.

To supplement this article pertaining to Sharjah Fountain — which I posted only a couple of days ago — I found the following video…

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Thank You — and Happy Thanksgiving 2016 to You

These days, realizing how fortunate we truly are can be taken for granted every day, as there is always something to challenge us and test our mettle. Will we be successful at resolving issues and incidents which have a negative impact upon us?

The answer is…

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Hilton HHonors Visa Promotion 2016: Answers to Questions From Readers

I just completed a telephone call with a key member of the Hilton HHonors team who imparted some important information pertaining to the Hilton HHonors Visa Promotion 2016, of which initial details were announced yesterday in this article; but readers of The Gate had some pertinent questions — most of which I have the answers…

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The Other Side of Copyright Infringement Violation

As you may have read in this recent article, I was the subject of a demand letter — which accompanied an invoice for $8,000.00 — that accused me of “willful photography copyright infringement”…

…but one fact which I had not imparted is that I cannot tell you how many times work which I have created was copied without my permission or authorization. I have had entire articles copied word for word — along with photographs which I created — and pasted elsewhere with no attribution and not a single link to my original work.

I present to you one example of…

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Don’t You Dare Try to Extort Me: An Open Letter

I am furious because I wasted my time working through the night in response to a demand letter you sent to me in an attempt to extort me out of thousands of dollars for an image used in an article at The Gate almost six years ago.

Attached to that demand letter which you sent is a screen shot of the article in question — and along with the article was an image which I did not recognize. Although I immediately removed the image from the article in question, I personally did not include the image with that article; and I am absolutely certain of that fact — so I conducted my own investigation pertaining to this issue to find out what happened…

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