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Why Bloggers Should Stop Calling What We Do a Hobby or a Game

I have vehemently maintained over the years that what we do pertaining to miles, points and travel is not a “hobby” or a “game” — and bloggers should stop using those words to describe it as such for one reason.

Before I cite the main reason why bloggers should stop calling what we do a hobby, the word is defined…

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9 Annoyances of Being On The Road

I have always enjoyed being on the road, driving for hours — so much so that I have caught myself at times being a passenger aboard an airplane and looking out of the window next to my seat, down at some lone highway below in the middle of nowhere and thinking how I would like to be down there.

I cannot explain the thrill of being on a long road trip and discovering new places. Driving is certainly different than flying as a passenger aboard an airplane; and the feelings I have for both are quite different and yet similar in intensity…

…but as with anything, driving has its annoyances — which I list in no definitively special order…

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Would You Visit Bir Tawil — The Unclaimed Land No Country Wants?

Once upon a time, a man named Jeremiah Heaton promised to fulfill the wish of his daughter — six years of age — of her one day becoming a real princess; and to do so would entail a journey to a barren land with “no fixed population, no coastline, no surface water and no arable soil” and plant a flag to declare the establishment of a kingdom as a sovereign monarchy whereby her daughter would truly be a real princess…

…or so the story goes. Way back in a year in the distant past known as…

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Please Keep This in Mind When You Vote…

Whenever I travel outside of the United States and someone who is based in the country I am visiting finds out that I am American, he or she will more often than not want to discuss American politics — especially pertaining to the president of the United States.

It is usually at that moment when I realize that I have suddenly become some ersatz ambassador of the United States — and you may have found yourself in a similar position when you travel.

I have had people in Europe sharply criticize the election of…

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How to Fight Terrorism, According to One Veteran

Vernon Ward retired several years ago from the United States Army with a rank of Chief Warrant Officer 4 where he has served in the special forces commonly known as the Green Berets. Of the 32 years in which the highly-decorated officer served his country — he has been honored approximately 80 times in his career — 27 of those years were spent on the ground in the Middle East, southwest Asia and the horn of Africa.

From the streets of Somalia to cities in Iraq — completely different “worlds” than the one in which we commonly associate — Ward has witnessed countless atrocities in his career and has seen the worst of mankind which no one should ever see; but he also saved many lives.

As someone who is arguable the most experienced person with first-hand knowledge of terrorism and what causes it, I asked Ward to please impart his thoughts on how to fight terrorism; as well as what can be done to mitigate — or even possibly eliminate — it…

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Video: New York Subway System in 1949

The subway system in New York is still one of the largest in the world in terms of both miles of track and the number of people who use it; and some of the latest technology is used in the trains which transport commuters both above and below ground…

…but there are still many vestiges of years gone by — whether they…

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