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I Am Not Allowed to Visit Makkah; and Probably Never Will.

I am not a religious person; and I have never been a Muslim. I do not ever plan to be a Muslim — not because there is anything wrong with Islam. It is just simply not for me…

…but I feel a little sad because I will most likely never be allowed to visit Makkah — otherwise known as Mecca — and only Muslims are allowed to visit Makkah.

I apparently am not the only person who feels this way, as…

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People Who Block Doors of Trains and Other Conveyances

As a probable extension of the inexplicable phenomenon of people congregating in doorways, there are also people who block doors of trains and other conveyances — no matter what, in some cases.

“I board the train at concourse D for a ride over to B and move toward the rear of the train. At the C stop, two women get on and stand right in front of the door with their two roll on cases placed lengthwise between them directly in front of me. When we stop at B, they just stand there blocking the length of the door. I asked them to please move so I could get out and one told me they had to get off at A and I had to use the door at the other end of the train car. I just got a good roll on my bag and shoved it between their two bags and went out while they were trying to keep their bags from rolling out the door.”

That example was imparted by…

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Ten Travel Skills Every Traveler Should Have?

When I see a “listicle” purporting to impart valuable advice, it usually falls short and I wind up skewering it; but this article pertaining to the ten travel skills every traveler should have as written by Kate Sitarz of Smarter Travel is actually quite useful — even if they are reminders of tips and advice about which you might already know.

While I agree with much of what was written in the original aforementioned article, there are some words of advice which I personally dispute; while I augment other tips with my own words of advice and the relating of personal experiences.

Without further ado, here are the ten travel skills every traveler should have — or, at least, consider having…

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Age Discrimination While Traveling?

“I not sure if it’s an age deal (as someone in my 20s),” a reader of The Gate named Simon posted in response to this article pertaining to the controversial armrest wars, “but when I sit next to an older male, they assume they control the armrests. I usually don’t use the armrest much in-flight, but will jockey until post take-off. If I don’t, I find by an hour into the flight that claiming the armrest has turned into extending their elbow /arm into my space to read their newspaper, type, eat etc.”

To my knowledge…

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The Five Most Useless Travel Products?

“Travel gadgets. Some are truly useful, but most of the time, many so-called ‘must have’ items get lost at the bottom of my carry-on, left in a drawer, or just tossed out.”

The above statement is what starts this article written by Chris McGinnis of TravelSkills in which he listed the five most useless travel products, in his opinion — but do you agree with him?

The travel products he mentioned are listed below — along with my comments…

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Where Can You Find Gasoline for Less Than $1.30 Per Gallon in the United States?

The cost for a gallon of gasoline in the United States continues to decrease; and an increasing number of states have fuel stations which are selling gasoline at less than $1.30 per gallon as of the time this article was posted…

…but which states are these; and where are those fuel stations located?

Before we get to the list, there have been reports of the cost of a gallon of gasoline briefly became as cheap as 46 cents per gallon during a recent “price war” in…

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