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Fun With Borders: Georgia and Tennessee

Not knowing how my experience would turn out at Katz’s New York Deli in McCaysville in Georgia, I did not want to base my driving 178 miles for greater than three hours round trip on just one thing — so I thought I would wander around the two towns which straddle the state line: McCaysville in Georgia; and Copperhill in Tennessee.

West of the corner of the intersection of…

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Review: Katz’s Deli. No, Not That One…

Think Kosher delicatessen in New York and the first establishment which may come to mind is the legendary Katz’s Delicatessen — even though its food is reminiscent of authentic Kosher delicatessen and technically not Kosher — with its pastrami sandwiches on rye bread and organized chaos from the second you enter the door to the moment you leave…

…so when I found out that a Katz’s Deli existed in the bustling metropolis of McCaysville in Georgia — literally steps from the Tennessee border — my curiosity was beyond piqued. Was this for real?!?


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Tasting the Mint Chocolate Shake From Arby’s — and The Verdict Is…

Sometimes you need something that is sweet or filling — or both — whether you are traveling, at work, or at home. A delicious shake can help to satisfy that craving and hold off your appetite until mealtime — or it could also be a dessert which tops off the meal.

As I have never eaten anything from Arby’s in my entire life prior to trying their crispy fish sandwich — primarily because they are best known for their roast beef sandwiches; and I never particularly cared for roast beef — I never knew that they offered a chocolate mint shake annually prior to Saint Patrick’s Day…

…so as today is Wednesday, March 17, 2021 and therefore Saint Patrick’s Day, I thought I would try the small chocolate mint shake, which…

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He Threatened to Call the Cops — on Me?!?

I had some time prior to my appointment to donate platelets at the local blood center near where I am based; so I figured that I would take a walk, as the weather was pleasant — but as I pulled into the nearly empty parking lot, I noticed a couple who were waving their hands as they stood by a silver sport utility vehicle, which was in an intersection of the parking lot.

Wondering if they were trying to get my attention, I rolled down my window. They indeed wanted me to come over; and the expressions on her face indicated that they…

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Pandemic Officially Declared One Year Ago Today

A media briefing which occurred exactly one year ago today on Wednesday, March 11, 2020 included the first time that the World Health Organization officially declared that the 2019 Novel Coronavirus had reached pandemic disease status — interestingly and coincidentally, exactly six months after the 19th anniversary of the attacks of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, which means that now we will be reminded every six months of a substantially historic event which changed the world.

The 2019 Novel Coronavirus — which…

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…So I Tried a Fish Sandwich From Arby’s For One Dollar — You Can, Too — and The Verdict Is…

I have never eaten anything from Arby’s in my entire life — primarily because they are best known for their roast beef sandwiches; and I never particularly cared for roast beef. Even the best roast beef in the world would likely be met by me with a lukewarm reception at best…

…so when I found out that Arby’s was giving away a “fish check” for $3.79 — which is…

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Tear Down This Wall. And This Fence. And That Wall. And That Fence…

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” is what Ronald Reagan — who was the 40th president of the United States — said to the eighth and last leader of the Soviet Union at the Brandenburg Gate of the Berlin Wall on Friday, June 12, 1987 before most of it was torn down.

The concrete wall separated — or better yet, physically and ideologically divided — the city of Berlin from Sunday, August 13, 1961 to Thursday, November 9, 1989, when citizens of the German Democratic Republic were given permission to freely visit what was known then as West Berlin and West Germany from what was then known as East Berlin and East Germany. Save for a remnant here and there, the Berlin Wall was otherwise completely demolished as of 1994.

One of the main goals of Donald Trump — who was the 45th president of the United States — was to erect a wall along the border which the United States shares with Mexico. You might have thought that this article was going to be about that wall.

You would be mistaken. Think again.

Ever since…

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A Spontaneous Bad Joke Gone Harmlessly Wrong

As was mentioned in this article pertaining to the unusual weather pattern which resulted in a massive winter storm that has been affecting much of the United States and southern Canada, outside it’s cold, misty, and it’s raining — bonus worthless points if you can guess from which song that lyric came without searching the Internet — so I…

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Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign. Fun With Signs. Part 1: Road Signs.

Whether I travel the world or simply walk near where I am based in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area, I notice signs. Metal signs. Illuminated signs. Signs, cosigns and tangents.

That tangent I took may be a sign that you may already get where I am going with this article — so resign yourself to some awkward humor even though you did not cosign up for it.

This new series of articles will feature…

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Photographs of Unique Highway Signs in Colorado — With Complete Sentences?

As Interstate 70 winds through the Rocky Mountains heading west from Denver in Colorado, it experiences drastic changes in elevation — at one point exceeding 11,000 feet above sea level. Combine that with a winter snowstorm and you have a recipe for a trucker’s nightmare.

Last month in December 2020, I arrived in snowy Denver and proceeded west on Interstate 70 towards Utah. As one of the aforementioned snowstorms greeted me as I entered the higher elevations of the interstate, I soon noticed some highway signs I had never seen before.

The signs specifically…

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