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The Space Capsule Shower Stall, The Silo, and The Lie-Flat Seat — No, Not Aboard an Airplane: My First Time Staying at a Sleep Inn

During a recent road trip, I needed to stop off somewhere near Beckley in West Virginia for the night — and I decided on the Sleep Inn Beaver – Beckley hotel property due to its location near where I wanted to go the next morning; and also the less expensive room rates when compared to similar hotel properties within the region.

I have never stayed at a Sleep Inn hotel property before and…

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My First Stay at a Renaissance Hotel

I recently had an opportunity to stay at my first Renaissance hotel property, which is labeled as an upscale brand of hotels and is a subsidiary brand of Marriott International.

I walked into the rather spacious lobby of the hotel. The…

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Wait: Hotel Charges Use of Safe Plus Tax — But Not Responsible For Valuables?!?

You might have noticed that the math did not quite add up when you read this article which I wrote pertaining to being charged $1.50 for use of a safe — with limited warranty — in addition to my room rate and tax when I stayed at the Sleep Inn Beaver – Beckley hotel property in West Virginia.

The initial estimated total for the room when I reserved it was…

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Should Tip Jars Be in Buffet Breakfast Areas of Hotel Properties?

While I was getting some food at a breakfast buffet — which is included in the room rate of the Sleep Inn Beaver – Beckley hotel property in West Virginia — I noticed something that was more blatant that using a suggestion box as a tip box at breakfast, in my opinion…

…and that was an actual tip jar — with a note attached to…

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Forget Bed Bugs. What’s With the Stink Bugs in Hotel Rooms in West Virginia?

When John Denver unapologetically sang the praises — with a teardrop in his eye — of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah River in the 1971 song Take Me Home Country Roads, nary a mention was given to an invasive pest known as the brown marmorated stink bug in the “almost heaven” of West Virginia.

The “Brown marmorated stink bug was accidentally introduced from east Asia (China, Japan, Korean) into eastern Pennsylvania and was first collected in Allentown in 1998, although it probably arrived several years earlier. It has since spread throughout most of eastern and western of North America and will likely be found continent wide within a few years”, according to…

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Doing This Ruins Recycling. Please. Don’t Do This.

As I was sitting while having breakfast at the Home2 Suites by Hilton Pittsburgh Cranberry, PA hotel property, a conversation started between me and an employee who worked at that hotel property — and she told me something about recycling which I had never thought pertaining to lodging…

…and that is to…

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Review: Beyond Meat Burger by TGI Fridays

Both Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat have been developing alternatives to meat — such as beef — using plants and other ingredients to emulate the texture, taste and overall experience to real meat as closely as possible…

…but could substituting meat with alternative foods whose ingredients are derived from plants help not only satiate the great hunger for beef which Americans have had for centuries — to the point where it has been ingrained in the culture in the United States — but also repair and reverse what has been called the great nutrition collapse?

Consider the…

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The Front Desk Agent Did Not Know What Colored Tissues Meant

When I pulled a tissue from out of its box, I noticed that it was colored blue — and if you read this article pertaining to if the tissues are colored — which I wrote on Saturday, March 23, 2019 — you already immediately know what that means…

…and because…

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Video Preview: My First Stay at a Home2 Suites by Hilton Hotel

I recently booked a reservation for a room at a Home2 Suites hotel property by Hilton — specifically, the Home2 Suites by Hilton Pittsburgh Cranberry, PA, which is located 20.7 miles almost due north of Pittsburgh — for $75.20 plus tax, which is a very good room rate for this brand…

…and as I was taking photographs, I realized that…

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