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Trying My First Cincinnati Chili — and the Verdict Is…

I found myself in Cincinnati a few months ago, and since I had heard the city is known for its chili, I decided to try it for myself. Out of the several chains in the area that serve chili, I decided to eat at Skyline Chili after seeing slightly better reviews than my other consideration, Gold Star Chili.

Shortly after I ordered, the server brought my chili to the table — and the verdict is…

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Tasting the New Oreo Shamrock McFlurry: 50 Years of Shamrock Shakes — and The Verdict Is…

As I have not had a Shamrock Shake in greater than three years, I thought I would try the new Oreo Shamrock McFlurry dessert offering from McDonald’s in honor of the celebration of 50 years of Shamrock Shakes.

The new Oreo Shamrock McFlurry is described as creamy vanilla soft serve with mint flavoring and Oreo cookie pieces blended throughout for a delicious minty-chocolaty dessert.

When I ordered mine, I…

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Could 12foot5 Have Been an Alternate Solution to 11foot8?

The clearance of the bridge which used to be known as the notorious 11Foot8 — as it was named after the height of its span being eleven feet and eight inches of clearance suspended off of the surface of the street — in Durham under which trucks, buses, recreational vehicles and other tall conveyances have either their tops peeled like a can in a can opener or have much of the vehicle annihilated altogether has recently been raised to 12foot4.

During a recent visit to…

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One Major Issue With the Holiday Inn Andorra Which I Had Was…

I drove approximately 214 kilometers for two hours and 45 minutes from the international airport which serves Barcelona to be in Andorra — about which I eventually intend to write an article pertaining to my experience — and decided to stay at the Holiday Inn Andorra hotel property for one night back in 2018.

After checking in at the front desk…

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Visiting the Ruins of the Abandoned Town of Brooklyn — in West Virginia

“A rugged, whitewater river flowing northward through deep canyons, the New River is among the oldest rivers on the continent. The park encompasses over 70,000 acres of land along the New River, is rich in cultural and natural history, and offers an abundance of scenic and recreational opportunities.”

The text you just read is from the official Internet web site of…

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What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 16

At the time I took this photograph of something I found wrong on a poster when I dined at a location of Outback Steakhouse, which — despite its name — is a chain of casual restaurants based in the United States and not Australia…

…I realized something else which seemed incorrect, as shown in the photograph above.

For this…

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The Space Capsule Shower Stall, The Silo, and The Lie-Flat Seat — No, Not Aboard an Airplane: My First Time Staying at a Sleep Inn

During a recent road trip, I needed to stop off somewhere near Beckley in West Virginia for the night — and I decided on the Sleep Inn Beaver – Beckley hotel property due to its location near where I wanted to go the next morning; and also the less expensive room rates when compared to similar hotel properties within the region.

I have never stayed at a Sleep Inn hotel property before and…

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My First Stay at a Renaissance Hotel

I recently had an opportunity to stay at my first Renaissance hotel property, which is labeled as an upscale brand of hotels and is a subsidiary brand of Marriott International.

I walked into the rather spacious lobby of the hotel. The…

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Wait: Hotel Charges Use of Safe Plus Tax — But Not Responsible For Valuables?!?

You might have noticed that the math did not quite add up when you read this article which I wrote pertaining to being charged $1.50 for use of a safe — with limited warranty — in addition to my room rate and tax when I stayed at the Sleep Inn Beaver – Beckley hotel property in West Virginia.

The initial estimated total for the room when I reserved it was…

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Should Tip Jars Be in Buffet Breakfast Areas of Hotel Properties?

While I was getting some food at a breakfast buffet — which is included in the room rate of the Sleep Inn Beaver – Beckley hotel property in West Virginia — I noticed something that was more blatant that using a suggestion box as a tip box at breakfast, in my opinion…

…and that was an actual tip jar — with a note attached to…

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