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Renting a Car in Iceland

Unless you plan on booking bus tours, renting a camper, or using a bicycle, the only way to travel to just about anywhere within Iceland outside of the capital city of Reykjavik is to rent a vehicle — and I needed transportation for eleven days…

…but going through the official Internet web sites of the rental car companies from which I usually rent a vehicle was an exercise in sticker shock for me when pertaining to Iceland. Rates were in the hundreds of dollars — a range of $500.00 to $700.00 for a mini or economy class vehicle for eleven days was not unusual.

I then decided to…

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To Iceland on Delta Air Lines in Economy Class

The flight from Atlanta to New York was a typical and uneventful flight operated by Delta Air Lines — complete with a snack and a drink — so this trip report will focus primarily on the flight from New York to Reykjavik aboard a Boeing 757-200(G) aircraft. The flight…

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A Much Better Uber Experience

I expressed how unimpressed I was with my first try at using Uber — which is a ride-sharing service — in this article. I have not used Uber before simply because ride sharing services in general were either too expensive; unavailable in whatever area in which I was located; or there usually was a better alternative to me…

…but despite my initial hesitation, I decided to try Uber again the next day. With this advice…

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Road Trip Around Iceland

A seemingly magical land which has been gaining popularity is the country of Iceland, which is home to greater than 350,000 people — more than two thirds of whom live in the greater Reykjavik metropolitan area…

…and the best way to see the country is by car. I recently took advantage of the opportunity to do just that, spending 11 days straddling continental plates, watching whales, and visiting waterfalls, craters, geysers, canyons, lava fields, hot springs, and other wonders which Iceland has to offer while driving clockwise around virtually the entire country.

If you…

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Stupidly Drunk.

Whether partaking in wine, beer or spirits, imbibing in alcoholic beverages is part of a time-honored tradition of celebration for centuries — but some individuals can get substantially more than a little carried away.

While people associated with ZorkFest 2018…

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Why Did Hotel Security Knock on My Door at 4:39 in the Morning?

After being involved with ZorkFest 2018 for the entire day — and it was a long day — I retired for the night in my hotel room at approximately 11:30 in the evening; and I was mostly packed for my flight back to Atlanta.

In bed and unconscious to the world — or so I thought — I heard a rapid succession of knocks which were faint enough for me to think that either I was dreaming it; or that they were for a different room.

I looked at the clock next to the bed. 4:39. Who is knocking at 4:39 in the morning — and why?

After a moment…

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Driving Myself Un-Crazy on Blue Ridge Parkway

The stone-faced walls were still crying as the last droplets of liquid ice rained on Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia; and the bare branches of the trees resisted the howling winds and reached up into the bellies of the low dark clouds — as if to impatiently grab a vestige of their delayed spring yet to be heralded…

…and the ribbon of grey asphalt was winding its way around mountain peaks; hugging the cliffs as if for dear life; and rolling along the hills as each mile was consumed.

There was no…

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A Visit to George Washington’s Headquarters in Morristown

After parking the car in the small parking lot, the building many visitors usually see first is the museum for George Washington’s headquarters — which features a number of historic collections and exhibits displaying furniture, weapons, documents and other objects from the 1700s — and is a…

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Standing Where George Washington Was Born

Known as the father of the United States — as well as served as its first president — George Washington would have been 286 years old today, Thursday, February 22, 2018; and in his honor is this article pertaining to my unintentional visit to his birthplace.

I used the word unintentional because…

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