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Chasing Another Total Solar Eclipse 2019

There is definitely something wrong with me.

You would think that after all of the trouble I went through to catch the last major solar eclipse back on Monday, August 21, 2017 in the United States — please refer to the articles Everything You Do Not Want to Know About Trying to View a Total Solar Eclipse and then Photographs of the Total Eclipse of the Sun for additional details — that I would have had my fill of total solar eclipses.

Think again.

Although I did not…

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Dogs Versus Horses on Easter Island

Easter Island may be known for its legendary Moai statues which dot the island; but dogs and horses freely roam around the island — and they do not always get along with each other.

As the wild horses mind their own business and will typically ignore humans, having your own temporary dog as a companion on Easter Island is not a matter of if; but when. I had a pack of as many as four dogs accompany me as I walked by them.

The dogs…

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Hotel Yachting Club: One of the Worst Hotels at Which I Have Ever Stayed

Hotel Yachting Club cannot be found on Google Maps using its address — in fact, Google Maps places it almost 50 kilometers away north northeast in the city of Coquimbo — so I selected Restoran Panquecon in Tongoy as the location instead, as Hotel Yachting Club is located just to the north on the corner. The hotel property is actually rather easy to get to by car via Ruta 5, which is the main north-south highway in Chile that is also known as the Panamericana Norte.

Despite the…

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1,000 AAdvantage Miles Compensation For Inoperable In-Flight Entertainment System

On a recent flight from Miami to Atlanta aboard an Airbus A319 EOW airplane operated by American Airlines on which every seat was equipped with an in-flight entertainment system, mine was out of order for the entire flight.

Although the duration of the flight was less than two hours, it was delayed — and the monitor in the seat back in front of me displayed the following words…

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The Only Reason This Was Better Than Regular Economy on This Flight Was Because…

When I arrived at the small airport on Easter Island for my return flight to Santiago aboard a Boeing 787-9 “Dreamliner” airplane which was operated by LATAM Airlines, I found out that the flight was delayed by two hours — which means that passengers would not arrive back in mainland Chile until approximately 11:30 in the evening.


Even worse was that…

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“Are You Really Going to Be Standing There The Whole Time?!?”

Funny how things happen not long after an article was posted.

For the Stupid Tip of the Day on Saturday, June 15, 2019, I posted this article advising people to not loiter at places of interest so that other people may have an opportunity to get the photograph they want.

Tongariki is the site of the famous 15 moai statues on Easter Island. This area is opened prior to dawn for anyone who wants to photograph these enormous stone monoliths during when the sun rises. Because this site is so popular…

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My First Time Renting a Car From SIXT Rent a Car

Stop me if you heard this one before: an American customer rents a French car from a German company in the Dominican Republic; and……on second thought, I am going to tell this story anyway. Here we go…

Arriving via airplane at 9:30 in the evening is not the best thing to do, as after I passed through customs at Punta Cana International Airport in the Dominican Republic, none of the rental car booths were manned or open…

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My First Time Aboard a Boeing 787 Dreamliner and As a Passenger of LATAM Airlines

Ever since the Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” airplane embarked on its first flight on Tuesday, December 15, 2009, I had traveled to five continents on multiple airlines — and although seemingly everyone else in the world has already experienced it, I had never been a passenger of one of these airplanes because the opportunity simply never presented itself…

…until my flight to…

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I Completed the Polynesian Triangle and Did Not Even Realize It

“You will have completed the Polynesian Triangle,” I was told when I revealed that I had traveled to Easter Island earlier this month — except for one thing: what exactly is the Polynesian Triangle; and why have I never heard of it?

The Polynesian Triangle is a region of the Pacific Ocean with three groups of islands at its corners, listed in the order in which I traveled to them…

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