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“Are You Really Going to Be Standing There The Whole Time?!?”

Funny how things happen not long after an article was posted.

For the Stupid Tip of the Day on Saturday, June 15, 2019, I posted this article advising people to not loiter at places of interest so that other people may have an opportunity to get the photograph they want.

Tongariki is the site of the famous 15 moai statues on Easter Island. This area is opened prior to dawn for anyone who wants to photograph these enormous stone monoliths during when the sun rises. Because this site is so popular…

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My First Time Renting a Car From SIXT Rent a Car

Stop me if you heard this one before: an American customer rents a French car from a German company in the Dominican Republic; and……on second thought, I am going to tell this story anyway. Here we go…

Arriving via airplane at 9:30 in the evening is not the best thing to do, as after I passed through customs at Punta Cana International Airport in the Dominican Republic, none of the rental car booths were manned or open…

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My First Time Aboard a Boeing 787 Dreamliner and As a Passenger of LATAM Airlines

Ever since the Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” airplane embarked on its first flight on Tuesday, December 15, 2009, I had traveled to five continents on multiple airlines — and although seemingly everyone else in the world has already experienced it, I had never been a passenger of one of these airplanes because the opportunity simply never presented itself…

…until my flight to…

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I Completed the Polynesian Triangle and Did Not Even Realize It

“You will have completed the Polynesian Triangle,” I was told when I revealed that I had traveled to Easter Island earlier this month — except for one thing: what exactly is the Polynesian Triangle; and why have I never heard of it?

The Polynesian Triangle is a region of the Pacific Ocean with three groups of islands at its corners, listed in the order in which I traveled to them…

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Road Trip Around Easter Island

The sun unwraps the dark sky speckled with stars every morning to reveal the gifts which Easter Island has in store for its guests — and yet, the island is hesitant in revealing all of its secrets.

The image of the legendary Moai statues is typically the first image which comes to mind when mentioning the very name Easter Island — which is also known as Rapa Nui in Polynesian and Isla de Pascua in Spanish…

…but there is more to this magical island. For example…

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An Effective Conversation Starter in the Dominican Republic By Doing This One Simple Thing…

Figuring I was going to lounge around by both the side of at least one swimming pool and on the shore of the Caribbean Sea while I was in the Dominican Republic, I brought along an old shirt which someone gave to me years ago.

With the exception of self-professed fashion plates who ooze style everywhere they go, guys generally tend to like to hang onto old clothes. They are almost like old friends, having been together through the good times, the tough times, memorable times, and times which are generally so mundane that no one would even think twice about them.

Stains? Check. Holes? Check. Worn graphics? Check.

Throw it out? No way.

Included in my collection of one of those rag tag shirts which a spouse, girlfriend or significant other would have improperly disposed years ago is

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5 Reasons to Go to the Dominican Republic Now

Ahh…the calm warm azure waters of the Caribbean Sea…the frosty cold tropical drink by poolside…palm trees swaying in the tropical trade winds…they all evoke a relaxing escape from everyday life; and the Dominican Republic comes to mind for many people as the destination that foots the bill…

…and some of the reasons which tend to keep people away — now including a recent new potential threat — may very well be the reasons why you should consider packing your bags and heading down to the Dominican Republic now…

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How to Keep a Car Clean When Driving in Iceland

Driving a vehicle in Iceland in general is not difficult in and of itself; but it does have its pitfalls — and one of them is driving on the many unpaved roads which permeate much of the small island country.

Keeping a rental car clean is very important — if only to ensure that no damage lurks underneath the thick layer of dirt and grime which eventually coats much of the car after driving on rutted roads pocked with depressions and comprised of nothing but gravel, dirt and rocks…

…and in order to…

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