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If I Want The Comforts of Home, I Will Stay at Home.

I often see articles pertaining to aspirational travel from other authors in the travel weblog space; and many of them profess about how you can travel in comfort for free — or for very little cost — often with the goal of hawking credit cards to readers.

Unless you happen to be a travel nomad, home is the base — the foundation — of where you are located. You purchase furniture of your choosing to ensure that your home is as comfortable as possible — and let’s face it: when was the last time you had a travel experience which was actually more comfortable than your home?

If you…

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What is Wrong With This Outback Steakhouse Poster?

I recently dined at a location of Outback Steakhouse, which — despite its name — is a chain of casual restaurants based in the United States; and as I was waiting for my meal to arrive, I was looking around the restaurant and happened to glance at a poster which was hanging on a wall not close to where I was seated.

Now for something travel related: one of my most memorable moments while I was in Australia was when I actually dined out in the real Outback in the centre of the country — or continent — during an experience called…

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Visiting the Bridge Which Damages Trucks Known as 11Foot8

You have probably come across one of the now infamous videos of a bridge which trucks, buses, recreational vehicles and other tall conveyances have either their tops peeled like a can in a can opener — or have much of the vehicle annihilated altogether.

That is because…

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Review: Hampton Inn & Suites Tarpon Springs

I happened to travel to the greater Tampa metropolitan area recently where I was going to stay — and one of the hotel properties at which I stayed was the Hampton Inn & Suites Tarpon Springs.

The base rates for the two nights I stayed at the Hampton Inn & Suites Tarpon Springs was…

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I Have Never Heard of Utqiaġvik — Yet I Have Been There

During a break, I spotted a video called 5 Most Isolated Communities At The End Of The Earth; and curiosity got the best of me and compelled me to watch this video.

As I watch the video, the isolated community which was labeled number two in the video is called Utqiaġvik — which is apparently pronounced oot-KEEG-vik — and it was called “the northernmost city in America and the ninth most northern city in the world.”

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Why I Was Not Thrilled With the Holiday Inn Lisbon – Continental Hotel Property

The Aeroporto station of the Metropolitano de Lisboa was closed without explanation when I arrived at Lisbon Airport. Instead of the short ride to the Holiday Inn Lisbon – Continental at which I was staying, I had to figure out an alternate way to get to the hotel property — and after assessing all of my options, I decided to walk from the airport terminal to the hotel property, which consumed approximately 75 minutes.

When I finally arrived at the Holiday Inn Lisbon – Continental, I thought…

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Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse of 2019: Photographs

A super blood wolf moon eclipse — the peak of which began at 12:16 in the morning Eastern Standard Time on Monday, January 21, 2019 — had occurred for a total of three hours and 17 minutes in what is to be the only total lunar eclipse of 2019; and I decided to capture it in photographs as best as possible.

Let us start off with a composite of all of the photographs included in this article.

My camera and equipment were…

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Sunrises and Sunsets From Around the World

Attractions, landmarks, food, architecture, topography and people are only a few of the reasons why people travel to different places around the world — but sometimes the best part of the day while traveling is either when the sun rises at dawn or when the sun sets at dusk.

Sunrises represent the beginning of a brand new day through which adventures and experiences await — but sunsets signal the end of a day with a time to be a night owl and go out on the town before retiring to the evening slumber which recharges your batteries, so to speak…

…but which is better: the sunrise or the sunset? I…

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More Photographs of Elephants From a Safari

Plenty of photographs from the safari which I experienced at Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya back in 2015 had yet to see the light of day; so I thought I would share some more photographs of the elephants which I saw while I was there.

I had no idea that…

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