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Krýsuvík Geothermal Area in Iceland

Still on my first day in Iceland after having arrived from the United States earlier that morning and visited such sites as the bridge between the North American and Eurasian continental plates at Miðlína, the Brimketill lava rock pool, the ruins at the oldest lighthouse in Iceland known as Reykjanesviti, I ventured on to Krýsuvík geothermal area.

Although a number of places around the world have such features as hot springs or mud pools, the four largest — and best known — geothermal areas in the world are…

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Vueling Airlines: My First Flight

As I was already in Iceland, I figured I would spend a few more days in continental Europe, as I was already halfway there — and as I have been to Spain but never to Barcelona, I thought that I would go there. While I was there, I would also travel to Andorra and Portugal — two more countries to which I have never been.

At the time which I booked my flight, only two airlines had nonstop flights from Reykjavik to Barcelona…

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Brimketill Lava Rock Pool and The Road From Valahnúkamöl to Krýsuvík Thermal Area in Iceland

After visiting the cliffs of Valahnúkamöl, I first visited The Blue Lagoon — although I decided not to go into it — before I was going to attempt to visit a few other areas of the Reykjanes Peninsula on what was still my first day in Iceland after having arrived from the United States earlier that morning.

Highway 425 follows the coast of the southern peninsula. Before I arrived at the cliffs of Valahnúkamöl, traffic moves either north or sough; but after that point…

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Valahnúker Mountain and the Cliffs of Valahnúkamöl in Iceland

The maritime winds persisted off of the Atlantic Ocean and onto the southern peninsula of Iceland — where the cliffs of Valahnúkamöl are located — causing the air to have a nippy and slightly uncomfortable chill to it…

…which felt significantly different than the weather over at…

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Royal Air Maroc: My First Flight — and My Second Flight

While I was in Amsterdam, I wanted to take a side trip to somewhere else — somewhere to where I had never been before; and somewhere which would be kind to the budget. After whittling my options down to a final three of Serbia, Tunisia and Morocco, I decided on Morocco…

…and that ultimately meant that…

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Mohammed VI Bridge in Morocco

As I was driving under a brilliant sun in a bright deep blue sky along the highways from Fez to Marrakech just east of the city of Rabat in Morocco, I crossed a bridge which I later found out that — at 950 meters in length with two arched towers which are…

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Instead of Blue Lagoon in Iceland, I Went to…

When I wanted to experience soaking in thermal waters in Iceland, I was not searching for a spa environment with towels and robes and drinks — nor was I looking to spend at least $59.00 for the privilege of doing so — which meant that the famed Blue Lagoon was out in terms of a destination for me. Even the Secret Lagoon — which is less expensive than the Blue Lagoon — did not fit the bill.

Iceland is dotted with smaller thermal pools — many of them which are natural. One of those pools is called…

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Why I Did Not Go Into the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

I have heard a lot about the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and how it is apparently a destination on the list of anyone who visits Iceland — especially as it is one of the most visited destinations in Iceland — and is located only approximately 12 miles from Keflavik International Airport, which is a drive of 20 minutes or so…

…but as I was doing my research…

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An Auk-ward Moment of Remembrance in Iceland

Within walking distance of the oldest lighthouse in Iceland, I visited Valahnúkamöl Cliffs; and what caught my eye initially had me think that I spotted a joke of some kind — but it was no joke at all. In fact, it was rather serious.

Amidst the vast other worldly landscape of rocky brown sand — part of it used as a makeshift lot where cars are randomly parked with no rhyme or reason — by the rough sea was a green sculpture which stood alone.

The green sculpture was that of a…

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