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Doing This Ruins Recycling. Please. Don’t Do This.

As I was sitting while having breakfast at the Home2 Suites by Hilton Pittsburgh Cranberry, PA hotel property, a conversation started between me and an employee who worked at that hotel property — and she told me something about recycling which I had never thought pertaining to lodging…

…and that is to…

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Review: Beyond Meat Burger by TGI Fridays

Both Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat have been developing alternatives to meat — such as beef — using plants and other ingredients to emulate the texture, taste and overall experience to real meat as closely as possible…

…but could substituting meat with alternative foods whose ingredients are derived from plants help not only satiate the great hunger for beef which Americans have had for centuries — to the point where it has been ingrained in the culture in the United States — but also repair and reverse what has been called the great nutrition collapse?

Consider the…

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The Front Desk Agent Did Not Know What Colored Tissues Meant

When I pulled a tissue from out of its box, I noticed that it was colored blue — and if you read this article pertaining to if the tissues are colored — which I wrote on Saturday, March 23, 2019 — you already immediately know what that means…

…and because…

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Video Preview: My First Stay at a Home2 Suites by Hilton Hotel

I recently booked a reservation for a room at a Home2 Suites hotel property by Hilton — specifically, the Home2 Suites by Hilton Pittsburgh Cranberry, PA, which is located 20.7 miles almost due north of Pittsburgh — for $75.20 plus tax, which is a very good room rate for this brand…

…and as I was taking photographs, I realized that…

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Hertz Pick-Up Service — Or Trying to Use It, At Least

I decided to rent a car for a road trip from Hertz; and because the closest rental car facility which is operated by Hertz is located fewer than 15 minutes away from where I am based, I qualified to request Pick Up Service, which is available at no extra charge.

I have never tried Pick Up Service with Hertz; but the thought of not having to leave where I was as the rental car was delivered to me appealed to me — plus, I have rented cars from this Hertz Local Edition location in the past and never had any problems.

The following statement was included on my reservation once I booked it…

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Santa Claus Spotted on a Motorcycle in Bristol, Tennessee

Santa Claus — who seems to be very patriotic to the United States — was spotted riding a motorcycle eastbound on State Street in Bristol, Tennessee on Christmas Eve 2019 and apparently giving his reindeer some much-needed time off, foregoing Rudolph the Black Lunged Reindeer for a large shiny bright headlight.

What? You don’t know about Rudolph the Black Lunged Reindeer?!? Perhaps you never heard the first refrain of this now-famous Christmas classic…

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What a Crock of Sauerkraut Soup — Which I Ate. Air New Zealand Introduces Edible Coffee Cup.

Air New Zealand recently introduced an edible biscotti coffee cup — which purportedly stays crispy long after you have finished drinking your coffee — as part of an overall effort to reduce the amount of plastic waste which is generated each year.

“We’re always looking for ways to reduce waste on board, so we’re trialing an edible biscotti coffee cup from twiice”, according to…

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My First Time in American Airlines International Business Class — and The Verdict Is…

After being in an Admirals Club airport lounge for the first time, being seated as a passenger in the first class cabin on an airplane for a domestic flight operated by American Airlines from Atlanta to Miami, and being in the Flagship airport lounge for the first time — a review of that experience is forthcoming — I boarded the Airbus A319 EOW airplane for another first for me…

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Last Hilton Hotel in Abu Dhabi Leaving December 18 2019 — and Another Review of the Hilton Capital Grand Abu Dhabi

After its grand opening only almost 6.5 years ago in the summer of 2013 — and after the Hilton Abu Dhabi left the Hilton brand on Monday, December 31, 2018 after greater than 45 years since it opened in 1973 — the Hilton Capital Grand Abu Dhabi will be leaving the Hilton brand as per this notice which was posted at the official Internet site of the hotel property…

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