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Watch Out For This Taxi Scam

One possible reason why ride-share services such as Uber and Lyft may be popular is because of the bad reputation some taxi cab drivers help to perpetuate by purposely attempting to scam customers.

One such experience in…

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Stuff On My Mind Which Has Nothing to Do With Travel

If you are looking for a trip report or review or seeking advice on collecting frequent travel loyalty program miles and points, this is the wrong article to read, as I am simply imparting some stuff — read random thoughts — on my mind.

The clock wound down to zero with…

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Update: Woman Accused of Groping Female Passenger Pleads Guilty in Federal Court

Heidi Anne McKinney pleaded guilty at the United States District Court for the District of Oregon on Friday, March 24, 2017 to assault with the intent to commit a felony, which was filed after an unidentified female passenger aboard an airplane — which operated as Alaska Airlines flight 621 en route from Las Vegas to Portland on the evening of Sunday, May 8, 2016 — complained that she was allegedly touched on her breast and genitals without her consent.

The indictment also alleges that McKinney…

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AerClub to Replace Gold Circle as Aer Lingus Frequent Flier Loyalty Program

After 28 years, the Gold Circle frequent flier loyalty program of Aer Lingus will be closing on Thursday, March 31, 2016; and it will be replaced with the rollout of AerClub, whose earnings by members will be based on revenue and not on distance flown.

Not surprisingly, Avios will be the reward currency. Back in July of 2015…

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What Exactly Is an Expert — and Is There Really Such a Thing?

“When bloggers refer to themselves as ‘travel experts’ or ‘thought leaders,’ who are we to question them?” asks Christopher Elliott in this article pertaining on how to spot tainted travel advice for USA TODAY. “Part of the problem is us. Somewhere along the way, American travelers lost their healthy sense of skepticism and began believing anyone with the word ‘expert’ in their title. They didn’t bother asking themselves how much these experts really knew or how they earned a living”

Aside from what I consider to be an obvious dig at Gary Leff of View From The Wing — whose weblog is one of the few discussing miles, points and travel which has been around longer than The Gate — has Christopher Elliott actually read some of the comments left by skeptical readers of that weblog questioning and critical of Gary? Thankfully, Gary and I have at least one policy in common: neither of us censor comments on our respective weblogs.


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Take Me Out to the Ball Game — Even Though it is Not My Favorite Thing to Do

“If I had a wish list, which I do not, it would be to visit all the minor league parks. To me, much more character and fun. Last week, I went to Jackie Robinson Patk in Daytona Beach. Walks right on the field, to the mound. Best wishes with the goal. Maybe I will see you at a game.”

That statement was from this comment posted by…

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Stolen Valor: How It Could Affect You as a Traveler

Video footage of a man in civilian clothes who confronted a swaggering older man wearing fatigues at a bar in Florida by asking him questions about why his uniform does not have a name badge and whether he was carrying the proper credentials — which caused the man in uniform to become aggressive — is included in this article written by Tobias Salinger of the New York Daily News.

Authorities hunted down a man who was accused of impersonating a Navy SEAL — also known as the Sea, Air and Land teams of the Navy of the United States — by telling fabricated war stories and claiming that he was awarded a Purple Heart for the purpose of personal gain, according to this report by Clayton Sandell of ABC News.

A command sergeant major at Fort Sill was reportedly convicted of wearing unauthorized military insignia — including a Ranger Tab and the Pathfinder Badge — earlier this month by a military judge who sentenced him to a demotion to sergeant first class; a letter of reprimand; and to forfeit $500.00 in pay per month for ten months, according to this story from the Associated Press and posted at Internet web sites such as Stars and Stripes.

Those items were only three of what seems to be an increase recently in cases of stolen valor, which is…

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The 11 Most Effective Tactics for Getting Upgraded When Flying?!?

When I saw this article pertaining to The Most Effective Tactics for Getting Upgraded When Flying, the first thing I did was check the date of the article of when it was posted at Yahoo! Travel.

It was posted on April 2, 2015; so it was neither an older article nor a joke for April Fool’s Day — unless it was posted one day late.

“Every time I check in for a flight, I secretly hope that a member of the airline will swoop in and dramatically announce I am being upgraded”, Sophie Forbes wrote in the article. “So far this has happened a grand total of zero times.”

That is because being upgraded…

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