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Stolen Valor: How It Could Affect You as a Traveler

Video footage of a man in civilian clothes who confronted a swaggering older man wearing fatigues at a bar in Florida by asking him questions about why his uniform does not have a name badge and whether he was carrying the proper credentials — which caused the man in uniform to become aggressive — is included in this article written by Tobias Salinger of the New York Daily News.

Authorities hunted down a man who was accused of impersonating a Navy SEAL — also known as the Sea, Air and Land teams of the Navy of the United States — by telling fabricated war stories and claiming that he was awarded a Purple Heart for the purpose of personal gain, according to this report by Clayton Sandell of ABC News.

A command sergeant major at Fort Sill was reportedly convicted of wearing unauthorized military insignia — including a Ranger Tab and the Pathfinder Badge — earlier this month by a military judge who sentenced him to a demotion to sergeant first class; a letter of reprimand; and to forfeit $500.00 in pay per month for ten months, according to this story from the Associated Press and posted at Internet web sites such as Stars and Stripes.

Those items were only three of what seems to be an increase recently in cases of stolen valor, which is…

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The 11 Most Effective Tactics for Getting Upgraded When Flying?!?

When I saw this article pertaining to The Most Effective Tactics for Getting Upgraded When Flying, the first thing I did was check the date of the article of when it was posted at Yahoo! Travel.

It was posted on April 2, 2015; so it was neither an older article nor a joke for April Fool’s Day — unless it was posted one day late.

“Every time I check in for a flight, I secretly hope that a member of the airline will swoop in and dramatically announce I am being upgraded”, Sophie Forbes wrote in the article. “So far this has happened a grand total of zero times.”

That is because being upgraded…

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An Homage to TravelBloggerBuzz: Good Luck to You, George

George of TravelBloggerBuzz announced earlier today that “This is the final blog post of TBB as you have come to know it.” Although TravelBloggerBuzz is not completely folding and will still exist in an abbreviated form, George has decided to concentrate on other priorities in his life — including…

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NoPhone: The Next Useless Fad Since the Pet Rock?

How would you like a lightweight gadget which is waterproof, shatterproof, will not bend, virtually free of maintenance, and is purportedly “toilet bowl resistant” whenever you travel?

If you had replied “yes” to all of the above features, you are in luck, my friends. A new product which is so technologically advanced that it boggles the mind — well, it boggles my mind, anyway — has a high probability of being released in the near future.

Folks, this revolutionary product is called the NoPhone. Successfully funded through Kickstarter by significantly greater than three times its original goal of $5,000.00 to be raised by no fewer than 915 people who are willing to back this product, the “new and unimproved” NoPhone is unlike any other mobile telephone you have ever seen.

The following is a partial list of notable features for this product…

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Sightseeing Tour Guide Launches Racist Tirade in San Francisco

Members of Milepoint are currently discussing a video in which a purported guide of a sightseeing tour on the top of a double-decker bus launches into a profanity-laced racist tirade against Chinatown in San Francisco and its inhabitants on what was supposedly the last day of her job.

Here is a link to the video in case you are not able to view it below — and be forewarned that it contains an excessive amount of profanity…

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Denny Flanagan: We Can All Learn From Him About Working From the Heart

I received an e-mail message about an hour ago from Denny Flanagan — a veteran pilot and captain at United Airlines whom I have met several times and is well known amongst frequent fliers regardless of airline affiliation — announcing that there are fewer than two years before his retirement; and in that e-mail message was the following request…

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What to Do on Valentine’s Day

For those who celebrate it, we at The Gate wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day!

However, what should a frequent flier do on the day of love?

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Oh, To Be In The Fifth Grade Again…

FlyerTalk member olafman took the year off to travel with her husband and eleven-year-old son on a trip around the world, posting about “My son’s fifth grade year: 97,737 miles, 40 flights, 6 continents and 16 countries” that will extend all the way through June 2011 and will continuously post entries in this trip report until the trip is completed.

Furthermore, the purpose of the trip is to actually live in the places at which they visit — not to merely be a tourist in them for a short period of time — and each member of the family was permitted to choose one place in which to live that no other member of the family could veto.

One FlyerTalk member said it best: “I wish you could have been my mother !”

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Carry On Tart

Apparently Jimbob247 is worried about the screening of his Carry On Tart, and so wanted to check his moist tart is okay to come onboard, if it is wrapped up properly.  Grab some popcorn, read the thread and LOL.

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