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Is This Man On Your Flight? He May Not Be Who You Think He Is

“I would like to make a serious suggestion: Post the fake Marine’s picture on the FT home page, along with a request: if this guy is on your flight, give him your 1st class seat, then send his boarding pass to” is what FlyerTalk member RatherBeOnATrain posted here pertaining to a professional football player who gave up his seat in the first class cabin aboard an airplane to a person who some claim is…

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Should Your Boss Get The Upgrade Instead of You?

Years ago during one business trip when I worked for a company and held the highest level of elite status with Continental Airlines, I was upgraded to a seat in the premium class cabin; while the person to whom I reported did not — and as I watched him walk the “walk of shame” down the aisle towards the seat he was assigned in the economy class cabin, I simply smiled at him from the comfort of my seat while sipping on my pre-departure beverage. In response, he sneered at me while mumbling a few expletives under his breath. We had a great relationship where we joked around with each other all of the time. He never acted like he was my superior. We worked very well together, laughed a lot and had a great time at work. We were quite productive as well. I still miss that interaction which we had — but I also never let him forget about that upgrade. Do not feel bad for him: he never let me forget a lot of things either — and that was just fine with me. I could take it just as well as I dished it out…but more often than not, many people unfortunately do not seem to have that kind of relationship with their bosses. That can lead to some awkward scenarios — such as when you get an upgrade and your boss does not. What do you do if you find yourself in that situation?

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Delta to Reduce Business Elite Cabin by 7 Seats on Boeing 777-200 Aircraft

An announcement was released during the investor relations presentation of Delta Air Lines yesterday that within the next eight months, seven seats will be removed from the Business Elite cabin of its fleet of Boeing 777-200 aircraft and replaced with 30 seats in the economy class cabin, according to FlyerTalk member jrkmsp. This, of course, elicited the response by some FlyerTalk members that this news negates the perceived benefits announced two days ago with the introduction of…

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Supplementary Payment For Upgrades Introduced by Air Canada Altitude; Other Major Changes Announced

As if its frequent flier loyalty program was not already complicated enough, Air Canada has introduced more changes to Altitude — including eUpgrade Add-ons and more Altitude qualifying miles with many airfares. In addition to the required number of eUpgrade Credits which will apply, the eUpgrade Add-ons are a supplementary payment to be imposed upon certain members of the Altitude frequent flier loyalty program as of March of 2014, as illustrated in the chart below…

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Air Canada Promotions: Thousands of Miles, and Extended Upgrade Window — But…

Air Canada has two promotions now in effect for the summer. The first promotion — for which you must first register before participating — proclaims that you can earn “thousands” of bonus Aeroplan frequent flier loyalty program miles every time you are a passenger on a flight operated by Air Canada whose origination and destination is at one of the following eligible airports within Canada…

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Will The Free Upgrade Become Extinct — and Is That a Bad Thing?

One of the most important perks of elite status in a frequent flier loyalty program is that free upgrade from the economy class cabin to a premium class cabin, which in some cases has become more elusive…but are free upgrades an endangered benefit which may eventually become a thing of the past — doomed to be replaced by upgrade auctions via the Internet? Over the past couple of years, a variety of commercial airlines have switched either partially or completely to an upgrade auction model…

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Should Military Personnel Airline Passengers Receive Special Treatment?

FlyerTalk members based in the United States have long discussed and debated about passengers who are military personnel receiving special treatment and benefits when traveling on domestic airlines — such as a complimentary upgrade to a seat in the premium class cabin or priority boarding — leading to the question of whether or not they should receive these perks simply because they are military personnel. Some FlyerTalk members believe that…

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United Global Premier Upgrades to Become More Difficult to Use on Lufthansa

Effective as of March 1, 2013, requesting a Global Premier Upgrade certificate for flights on aircraft operated by Lufthansa will become more difficult to use, according to FlyerTalk member UA Insider — also known as Aaron Goldberg, who is the senior manager of Customer Experience Planning at United Airlines. When you request a Global Premier Upgrade certificate for use on a per-segment basis with Lufthansa, you will be asked to provide some additional information…

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Upgrades a Phone Call Away for Amtrak Select Executive Members in 2013

If you are a Select Executive member of the Amtrak Guest Rewards frequent travel loyalty program, you no longer need to visit an Amtrak station to use your coupon for an upgrade in 2013. “Select Executive coupons will have personalized tracking numbers that allow for a fully paperless transaction”, said FlyerTalk member AGR Insider, who…

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