Caution Regarding Low Airfares on Partner Airlines Within an Alliance

FlyerTalk member BrianJ is not happy about the possible prospect of not earning Delta Air Lines SkyMiles on certain airfares on Air France flights, which is why he launched the Cheapo fares on Skyteam partners thread.

Delta Air Lines and Air France are two founding members of the SkyTeam alliance. Apparently, some frequent fliers thought that mileage accruing opportunities should be uniform throughout the alliance, but actual experiences seem to indicate otherwise…

…and, apparently, the SkyTeam alliance is not the only airline alliance with this issue. FlyerTalk member pbarnette points out that “Virtually every European carrier has pretty draconian earning policies for most Y tickets.”

Then, of course, speculation naturally occurs. FlyerTalk member YVR Cockroach posts “Just watch what happens when the U.S. majors start to consolidate (I shudder to predict).”

What are your thoughts and experiences? Is this potentially disturbing trend really, as FlyerTalk member gsupstate fears, a “sad sign of the times”?

One thought on “Caution Regarding Low Airfares on Partner Airlines Within an Alliance”

  1. Kiwi Flyer says:

    This is unfortunately common in Star Alliance, and has been for a couple of years.

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