Chain Restaurants

You have just checked into a hotel in a strange city to which you have never been, far away from home.

You are hungry and seeking a restaurant in which to eat, but you currently do not feel adventurous in sampling the local cuisine. Somehow, stewed possum eyeballs sprinkled with braised roach legs topped with sauerkraut whipped cream does not whet your appetite tonight.

Despair starts to set in, until you recognize a familiar logo burning brightly off in the distance under the dark nighttime sky.

It is a chain restaurant!

But wait — is it any good?

Find out from your fellow FlyerTalk members using one of the following links to keep you from being chained to your decision:

Chain restaurants that are actually good

What is your favorite/least favorite chain restaurant?

Fast Food Chain You Absolutely Detest

Of course, McDonald’s is usually a good stand-by on which to fall back when all else fails. Oddly enough, it has been my personal experience that McDonald’s restaurants outside of the United States are typically far superior than their counterparts within the United States overall in terms of quality and service.

Find out more in the Mcdonalds around the world thread.

Bon appetit!

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