Your Chance to Win a Car Rental Worth Up to $250.00 From AutoSlash

In the latest issue of the newsletter which I regularly receive from AutoSlash was the announcement of a contest through which readers have a chance to win a car rental worth up to $250.00, as AutoSlash is “is feeling the love this Valentine’s Day” — but you are not required to be a subscriber to the official newsletter or news feed of AutoSlash to participate as a contestant…

Your Chance to Win a Car Rental Worth Up to $250.00 From AutoSlash

…although signing up for the aforementioned newsletter is one of the ten ways with which you can earn an entry into this contest by Thursday, March 15, 2018, as you can earn one entry each for:

  • “Liking” AutoSlash on Facebook
  • Recommending AutoSlash on Facebook
  • Following AutoSlash on Twitter
  • Sharing the Facebook post of AutoSlash about the contest
  • Commenting on — or tagging a friend — on the Facebook post of AutoSlash
  • Retweeting the tweet by AutoSlash about the contest or posting anything about AutoSlash — @AutoSlash or #AutoSlash
  • Signing up for the official newsletter of AutoSlash
  • Reviewing AutoSlash on Facebook, with which you can earn three entries when you impart your latest savings thanks to AutoSlash

Terms and Conditions

The prize of one single rental of any vehicle class worth up to $250.00 — which includes taxes and fees as well as such options as gasoline which was paid in advance, a car seat, or a global positioning system — can be redeemed at any time through Monday, December 31, 2018. You pay for the car rental; and you will be reimbursed with a check worth up to $250.00 by AutoSlash, which will be mailed to the address you specify within two weeks of submitting your receipt.

Winners do not receive credit for any credit which had not been used — for example, if the total cost of your car rental is only $70.00, you will not receive the remaining $180.00 in cash.

AutoSlash is not liable for any injury or incident relating to the vehicle rental. Be sure to carry proper car insurance.

The winner will be chosen at random and notified by Sunday, April 1, 2018 with a message via the platform from which your winning entry was selected — such as Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail message. Check your “other” inbox in case that e-mail message winds up in your “spam” folder.

About AutoSlash

AutoSlash was founded eight years ago by three members of FlyerTalk — as I first reported in this article on Saturday, June 5, 2010 — to help customers secure the lowest rates on car rentals by searching multiple vendors, tracking rental rates, and applying coupons and discounts in a process which it has virtually automated; and it has saved countless people thousands of dollars in rental car rates since its launch.


If you decide to enter this contest, I hope that you win — and if you are indeed declared the official winner, ensure that you spend at least $250.00 on your rental vehicle.

Also consider using the AutoSlash service, which will not cost you anything — and could potentially save you a significant amount of money on vehicle rentals.

If you do decide to subscribe to the official newsletter of AutoSlash — which is quick and easy to do — be assured that it actually contains useful news and information pertaining to renting vehicles and is not simply filled with vapid marketing “fluff” as seems to be the case with many other corporate newsletters.

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

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