Your Chance to Win a Travel Gift Card Worth $50.00

S ubscribe to the weekly newsletter of TravelZork and you could win a travel gift card worth $50.00 which is good for use on flights operated by either Delta Air Lines or Southwest Airlines. The gift card is an electronic one and not a physical plastic gift card.

The TravelZork Team is comprised of a group passionate adventurers known as Zorks. All of the Zorks possess an individual, personal, and passionate touch which brings the best information pertaining to travel, Las Vegas, and resources to the Internet and beyond.

If you are interested in becoming a travel writer, contact the team at TravelZork, which is growing. This is a great way to get started without having to deal with all of the headaches involved in launching your own weblog.

Your Chance to Win a Travel Gift Card Worth $50.00

Here is the actual text for the monthly contest:

“All verified subscribers are entered into a MONTHLY contest to win a $50 Delta eGift Card, that can redeemed for flights to any of Delta’s 600 worldwide destinations or Southwest eGift card. Subscribers are notified by the 5th of every month. Must reply to winning message within 14 days. Gift Cards sent to the same email address once reply is received. You may only win once per 12 month period.”

Your e-mail address will never be sold or shared.


I do write articles occasionally for TravelZork, which is a weblog co-founded by Michael Trager, whom I consider a good friend — one of the many people I have met over the years through FlyerTalk.

Although I do get compensated for the articles which I write for TravelZork, that compensation is fixed at a certain amount and not variable — meaning that promoting this contest does not benefit me in any way financially, no matter how successful.

Also, I was not asked by anyone at TravelZork to help to promote this contest and gain subscribers to the newsletter. I would have done so anyway because it can be an easy way for you to win a gift card worth $50.00 — and you can always cancel your subscription to the newsletter at any time.


When I traveled on my unintentional trip around the world back in October of 2014 and I was on a long layover of nine hours  in Amsterdam while traveling from Madrid to Seoul, I used that time to visit Michael at his home and meet most of his family, as he graciously invited me — and every time I see him, I enjoy the time I spend with him.

Here is a fun fact about Michael Trager: he is an avid collector of all things having to do with Trans World Airlines; and he has shown me some of the items in his collection. He is always more than happy to discuss anything which has to do with the airline known as TWA; so be sure to contact him if you want to engage in a discussion with him pertaining to that now-defunct airline.

If you write a weblog related to miles, points and travel and you are giving your readers a chance to win a prize, I will be more than happy to promote your contest or promotion here for you — just let me know about it. The reasons why I am willing to do this are because I like to know about readers of The Gate having the chance to win nice prizes; and I believe in the community of frequent travelers — which has been beneficial to me in countless ways over the years — and I attempt to pay back into it whenever possible.

In the meantime, I hope that you become a winner of the $50.00 gift card if you decide to subscribe to the official newsletter of TravelZork.

Source: TravelZork.

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