Change Fees Increase on US Airways to Match United Airlines

This is the check-in area at Washington Dulles International Airport for flights on US Airways — which is one of the places where you will be assessed the new higher change fee if you decide to change your itinerary. Photograph by FlyerTalk member CMK10. Click on the photograph for a trip report written by CMK10.

Parker’s Bad

US Airways presents a new change fee inflation
Doug Parker’s bad for allowing this abomination
United’s change fees are growing
I can’t believe US Airways is following
It really is kind of sad
And it’s all because Doug Parker’s bad

You’ll be flying on airplanes with no pillows
Middle seats only, with no aisles or windows
Sudden cancellations hit you
Enjoy planes in flight is all you want to do

You got to be real mad
About change fees because Doug Parker’s bad

We will spend a zillion dollars just to change our flights
And when all is said and done
We’ll eventually be stripped of our rights

Bring your wallet along and you can pay for all of the fees
Which Parker will keep raising ’til we are brought down to our knees
Left uncontrolled and to run amok
Don’t like it? Well, you’re out of luck

You got to be real mad
And say your piece to Doug Parker
Post on FlyerTalk your anger at Doug Parker
Be real mad about change fees because Doug Parker’s bad

I offer no apology to re-writing the lyrics to Parker’s Band, which is the title of a song from the Pretzel Logic album by Steely Dan in 1974 for MCA Records, Inc., which is now Universal Music Group:

Hey — how can you go wrong with Steely Dan?!?
By the way, I have nothing personal against Doug Parker. This song parody is simply a different way to spread the news pertaining to the increase in change fees on US Airways from $150.00 to $200.00 in some markets and from $250.00 to $300.00 in other markets, matching similar increases in change fees of United Airlines
…and if you want for me to stop doing these song parodies, tell the airlines to stop raising their change fees.
That’ll show ’em…

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