Chat Functionality Returns to FlyerTalk

You can access FlyerTalk Chat at any time by placing your cursor over the Extras menu at the top of virtually every “page” on FlyerTalk and then clicking on Live Chat, which is the second selection from the bottom of the list.

If you enjoy communicating with FlyerTalk members in real time via FlyerTalk, there is good news for you: although it had been unavailable for a while, the FlyerTalk Chat functionality is back — and it is better than ever.
You can access the FlyerTalk Chat functionality by clicking on Live Chat from the Extras drop-down menu at the top of virtually any FlyerTalk “page.” However, if all you see is a blank screen, click on the On icon on the bottom right of your screen. You can always disable the FlyerTalk Chat functionality by returning to this icon to turn it back off.
There are three tabs located at the bottom of the screen, explained in order from left to right:



New Chat This tab has a green + in it. When you click on it to create a new public live chat, you can give that specific conversation a title and choose who can see it: Everyone or No One. If you choose No One, you will be able to add members to the conversation individually. Read further on how to add indiv To do so, simply “drag” them from the list of online users to the right into the New Conversation box

The Lounge This tab is to access the general chat where if you click on it, you can chat to any FlyerTalk member who happens to be logged into FlyerTalk Chat as well. Every FlyerTalk member who logs into FlyerTalk Chat will be able to see and join The Lounge.

X People Here The X is a number which shows all participants of FlyerTalk Chat who is logged in to FlyerTalk Chat at any given time. For example, if five FlyerTalk members are logged into FlyerTalk Chat, the tab will display the following: 5 People Here.

For easy access to specific chats, you will find your list of conversations on the bottom-left corner of your screen.
As intuitive as the FlyerTalk Chat functionality may be to you, you might have a problem or issue you may need to report — and if you do, please access this discussion on FlyerTalk to report your problem or issue.
Enjoy chatting with your fellow FlyerTalk members!

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