Check In. Sleep. Shower. Check Out.

Many of us who travel frequently want to either travel in style or earn boatloads (or aircraft loads) of miles and points – and many of us are willing to pay extra in return.

Often, when we stay at a place of lodging, we like to sleep in a comfortable bed covered with fine linens and plenty of pillows, watch television equipped with all sorts of extra capabilities such as movies and e-mail, eat in the room using room service, shower or bathe with an abundance of amenities such as shampoos and soaps, or simply stay at a property located on a beach or in the mountains for several days and make a vacation out of it.

However, sometimes we travel on a budget, and we do not want to stay at a place for very long. In other words, the place in which we stay is used primarily for sleeping, but without having to resort to sleeping overnight in an airport.

I recently stayed in a place that served that sole purpose in the Slovenian city of Ljubljana. To me, it did not make sense to spend more money for any luxuries which I would not have time nor the chance to use, so I simply stayed in a place that had minimal accommodations for the few hours I would sleep each night, as I was scheduled to be busy each day from morning until evening. It served my basic needs: it was clean, it had a decent bed, and it had a private bathroom with a shower. At least I was not sleeping in an airport, which I dislike, although I rarely ever do it.

For those of you who are looking for spartan accommodations whose sole purpose is to give you a basic place to sleep and shower, the List of worldwide short term accommodations sites… thread is a perfect place for you to start in finding those accommodations.

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