The Cheeseburger as Airline Cuisine — and In a Can

R eading this article pertaining to canned wine coming to an airport near you as written by Keri Anderson of Heels First Travel reminded me of this article I wrote pertaining to cheeseburgers — especially regarding a product known as cheeseburger in a can — back on Saturday, December 10, 2011…

The Cheeseburger as Airline Cuisine — and In a Can

…and — believe it or not — not only does a cheeseburger in a can still exist; but it also now comes in different varieties. As only one of a plethora of examples, does anyone care for a Dosen Bistro Steakhouse Burger with bacon and cheese for only a mere 4,95 € plus shipping costs?

There is also this discussion on Reddit which was recently launched pertaining to a cheeseburger in a can — but be aware that the language is not exactly safe for work.

What do FlyerTalk members think about cheeseburgers served aboard aircraft?

Find out in the following discussions:

Cheeseburger in a Can

If you do not plan to fly as a passenger aboard an airplane on an airline serving a cheeseburger anytime soon, please allow me to direct your appetite to an alternative for your degustation in the comfort of your own home: Cheeseburger…in a Can.


I truly enjoy great hamburgers; but as far as I am concerned, melted cheese simply does not belong on food.

I know, I know — I have gotten flak from readers of The Gate in the past on this topic; so go ahead and rail into me — but if I am served food already covered with cheese aboard an aircraft, I will simply either painstakingly pick the cheese off or — if that proves to be too difficult — not eat it at all.

However, many people are of a different opinion regarding at least one quintessentially gastronomic cheese classic: the cheeseburger, as evidenced by the fact that it has been served on several different airlines…

…and if you like the idea of having a cheeseburger at any time — especially if you happen to be traveling to a hotel property which has the proper cooking apparatus to heat up your gastronomic creation — you can simply take it with you instead of dining alone in a restaurant or picking up some food to take out and back to your hotel room.

As for me — well — I will sit this one out; but if you have already tried a cheeseburger in a can, I am curious as to what you thought of it…

Source: Convar Europe Limited.

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