Christopher Elliott and FlyerTalk: Is He Correct?

Christopher Elliott, a columnist for MSNBC, writes the following in his June 16, 2008 column titled Frequent criers: Elite fliers are ruining air travel regarding what he calls “the ‘rules-are-for-the-little-people’ attitude that can infect groups of elite-level frequent fliers”:

“If you want to witness a more common but no less disturbing variety firsthand, just visit one of the discussion forums for frequent fliers, like FlyerTalk. Or read one of the columnists often quoted on these forums, who, in a perversion of reality, seem convinced that elite-level frequent fliers are actually victims.”

Is he correct?

Some FlyerTalk members are outraged, as witnessed in the following FlyerTalk threads:

Mr. Elliott has been called names, his journalistic style has been criticized, and his travel experiences and information has been questioned. Then again, there are some FlyerTalk members who agree with what he wrote, but they are clearly in the minority.

You will find the link to the MSNBC column of Mr. Elliott in both FlyerTalk threads linked above. After reading it, think about whether or not you agree with what he wrote.

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