Click Here for Free Coca-Cola to American Troops and Their Families

roger supermarkets and The Coca-Cola Company are committed to their goal of donating 100,000 cans of free Coca-Cola to American troops and their families — and all you have to do is click here for another can of Coca-Cola to be donated at no cost to you, which should only take mere seconds of your time.

You are also encouraged to share this promotion with anyone and everyone possible through various means of social media.

In a separate campaign to support the military of the United States, you can also donate funds towards doubling a donation of one million dollars to support American troops, their families, and veterans; and all donations go directly to the United Service Organizations — better known as the USO.

4 thoughts on “Click Here for Free Coca-Cola to American Troops and Their Families”

  1. Haldami says:

    Why do you want to send poison to our troops?

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      Although I know of no dentist who would recommend a diet of Coca-Cola to their patients, Haldami, there are people who actually consider the soft drink a remedy for such ailments as an upset stomach.

      1. 02nz says:

        Coke isn’t really a remedy for upset stomach – Drinking flat soda can sometimes help you feel a bit better but not a real remedy (and not specific to Coke either).

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