Companion Upgrade Policy Change on US Airways Pertaining to Passengers Not Traveling on the Same Record

The Gate recently received correspondence from a reader commenting on a change in the companion upgrade policy quietly implemented by US Airways:

Have you heard of the new HORRIBLE change in the companion policy for upgrades on US?  Their companion upgrade policy was one of the reasons we fly US as much as we do to get our kids/family travel companions upgraded one adult and one child upgraded per flight.  But on 3/4/10, they amended their policy, WITHOUT NOTIFYING ANYONE, to disallow companion upgrades if the travelers are not in the same record.  My husband is Chairman, I am Gold, and my two boys are Silver preferred, but we always travel in separate records because my husband has to come back earlier for work on most trips.  So now, due to logistics, and ONLY logistics of booking arrangements, we cannot upgrade our kids as early as ourselves.

What are your thoughts here?  I would LOVE to see the policy reverted back to how it was before.

Although some FlyerTalk members appear to be happy with this new policy, others seem to be as angry about the lack of announcement by US Airways pertaining to the change in the companion upgrade policy as they are regarding the policy itself. In fact, at least one FlyerTalk member has called for a Companion Upgrade Letter Writing Campaign – Action Needed.

Echoing the reader who wrote in to us, what are your thoughts? Please post your comments regarding this issue. Thank you in advance.

One thought on “Companion Upgrade Policy Change on US Airways Pertaining to Passengers Not Traveling on the Same Record”

  1. Cecilia Rose says:

    Is there any way to get to the letter writing link without being a flyertalk member? And/or what is involved with becoming a member?

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