Compensation for Feces on a Towel in a Hotel Room?

“I grab a towel and toss it over the top of that newly-remodeled HGI barn door shower glass. A pass of the hand establishes hot H2O. I enter the cubicle of warm water. Soothing suds of nominal Neutrogena are melting away the roadtrip aches. Which makes it oh-so-jarring to glimpse a quarter-sized lump of dark brown crumbles on the side of the towel that’s in there with me. The brain runs through a little mystified reboot program of potential explanations, rejecting them one by one (‘Did I have cake?’ ‘Did my wife get in here first and wipe off makeup on this?’) and the dissonance instantly increases as I know that I just took the towel straight from the undersink shelf, and put it right up over the door, no stops. And my wife hasn’t even been in the bathroom yet. Still… is it chocolate?”

Compensation for Feces on a Towel in a Hotel Room?

The paragraph you just read was written by FlyerTalk member Friendly Traveling Deathmerchant — and from the title of this article, you can likely guess what happened next: “I lean in to sniff, in the way that suckers always do when someone hands them a gallon of milk and says ‘Does this seem… off to you?’

Even worse is that this discovery allegedly occurred on Monday, September 14, 2020 — during the current 2019 Novel Coronavirus pandemic through which most lodging companies vow the utmost in cleanliness: “I am not easily grossed out, but I was literally a minute from wiping my face right on that spot. Further examination shows some more flecks and smudges. This isn’t an old stain, it’s fairly fresh product. It’s been years since I changed my kids diapers, but there is no mistaking the odor.”


If nothing else, you might enjoy the way Friendly Traveling Deathmerchant imparted the experience in this discussion on FlyerTalk. The compensation has since been revealed — but was it enough?

If you suffered through a similar experience, what would you expect as compensation?

Photograph ©2014 by Brian Cohen.

One thought on “Compensation for Feces on a Towel in a Hotel Room?”

  1. derek says:

    $15 million

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