Complimentary Access to 1,500 Business Lounges For Emerald Club Members

An e-mail message which I received from the Emerald Club frequent renter loyalty program of National Car Rental offers a complimentary Regus Businessworld Preferred card membership for 12 months with 15 visits to greater than 1,500 business lounges worldwide — plus the following benefits:

  • Discount of ten percent on meeting room, day office, co-work office and videoconference bookings
  • Complimentary refreshments and business-class Wi-Fi
  • Special rates on office and virtual office
  • On-hand administrative support
  • Two complimentary business lounge guest passes


To activate your Preferred membership, all you need to do is simply enter your enter your Emerald Club frequent renter loyalty program membership number and complete the personal details form.

By the way, the title of this article is similar to the headline within the e-mail message I received — but at least I did not display it in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

The funny thing is that — as a member of the Avis Corporate Awards Program — I received a similar offer on August 1 of last year which offered me “benefits that go beyond car rental service. So as a member enjoy this complimentary 12-month Businessworld Preferred membership offer from our partner, Regus.”

With Regus Businessworld members enjoy:

  • Fifteen visits to over 1,500 global Business Lounges with complimentary Internet and refreshments ($450 value)
  • A voucher for a complimentary day office booking in the US or Canada ($150 value)
  • Two complimentary business lounge guest passes ($60 value)


You can also receive one month free on any 12-month Office or Virtual Office program.

I have never used my complimentary Regus Businessworld Preferred card membership since I registered for the offer; but I have received 19 e-mail messages from Regus since then.

I would surmise that — in addition to National Car Rental and Avis — elite business memberships of other frequent renter loyalty programs also have a similar offer available.

Anyway, I am not sure I am missing out on anything; but I thought that if this offer would benefit you, you should have an opportunity to take advantage of it…

…and terms and conditions apply.

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