Complimentary Elite Status in El Al Matmid With Superfly — But…

This model of a Boeing 747 aircraft sporting the El Al livery was part of an exhibit of a collection of memorabilia commemorating the history of the national airline of Israel. Photograph by FlyerTalk member Jonathan Siva. Click on the photograph to view additional photographs by Jonathan Siva.

FlyerTalk member jonathanmeiri — also known as Jonathan Meiri, who is the chief executive officer at Superfly — announced this morning that Superfly is giving its eligible members complimentary Gold Tier, Platinum Tier and Top Platinum Circle status in the El Al Matmid frequent flier loyalty program.
However — in order to be eligible for complimentary elite status during this promotion — you must:

  1. Have an address in the United States or Canada on your profile at the official Internet web site of El Al — and you can update your address to become eligible if you have not done so already
  2. Have no current or past elite level status — Gold Tier or above — within the last three years
  3. Have flown on multiple flights to Tel Aviv within the last two years — either directly or through Europe
  4. Add you frequent travel loyalty program accounts to Superfly

You can also download the Superfly Hotels mobile application software — but that appears to be optional and not required to be eligible for this promotion.
This is not a status match”, wrote jonathanmeiri. “The scoring is based on number of flight to TLV (either direct or through Europe), class of ticket, and willingness to switch and commit to EL AL.”
No further detailed information is provided pertaining to eligibility for which elite status level you would qualify.
Superfly is a tool which allows you to manage your travel using technology where you can organize all of your rewards in one spot; find the best flight with consideration of your frequent travel loyalty program miles and points; and save time finding itineraries, receipts and other e-mail messages related to travel — and if you travel frequently enough, you can receive elite level status offers such as this one with the El Al Matmid frequent flier loyalty program.
Although I would like to travel to Israel, I am not eligible for this promotion. However, you might be able to benefit from it with elite level status in the El Al Matmid frequent flier loyalty program — and if you are unfamiliar with the benefits and advantages associated with the elite status levels mentioned in this article, please click on the links below for additional information:

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