Confiscated Liquids Donated and Sold?

When liquids are confiscated at an airport security checkpoint, it is usually assumed that they are confiscated to minimize security threats, such as suspected terrorists disguising potential liquid components for explosives or bombs as harmless drinks or lotions. It also can be assumed that if those liquids are indeed deemed potential threats to security that authorities would dispose of them in a proper manner.

Apparently, the rules regarding liquids at airport security checkpoints are allegedly rather fluid regarding compliance. For example, how would you feel if you found Your Confiscated Liquids For Sale instead of them being disposed properly?

One thought on “Confiscated Liquids Donated and Sold?”

  1. Ted S. says:

    That may happen every once in a while, but I know someone who works for the TSA, and she has told me they are absolutely not allowed to take any confiscated liquids home. She’s had bottles of Cristal offered to her by a passenger who couldn’t get them through the checkpoint and had to refuse.

    Whenever there’s a rule, there will always be a violation somewhere, but hopefully it’s not the norm.

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