Congratulations on 10 Years, missydarlin!

FlyerTalk member missydarlin commemorates her 10th anniversary working at Alaska Airlines by launching the 10 years ago today… thread.

She posts what it was like to be an employee at Alaska Airlines 10 years ago, as well as reminisces with such facts as what a change fee costs back then and who was the sole airline partner of Alaska Airlines at that time.

Please post in that thread if you wish to congratulate her, as well as if you would like to reminisce and share your thoughts as well.

Congratulations, missydarlin!

I have had the pleasure of already meeting missydarlin in person. You will have a chance to meet her in person as well if you participate in the Sea Doo 10th anniversary functacular!! August 8-10, 2008, which is also celebrating its 10th anniversary and one of the longest-running gatherings of FlyerTalk members. It is hosted by none other than missydarlin. I have not participated in one yet, but I hope to do so someday.

One other FlyerTalk member gathering that may be of interest – and will also benefit a good cause – is the SEA 3-Day Do Sept 12-14, 2008 – fundraising for Susan G Komen breast cancer charity, also hosted by missydarlin.

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