Consolidation of US Airways and American AAdvantage Forums; bmi Forum to Close; Airline, Hotel Forum Names Changing

As I promised on December 9, 2013, I would alert you to the consolidation of the US Airways Dividend Miles and American AAdvantage forums on FlyerTalk — and they have indeed been consolidated shortly after the official merger between US Airways and American Airlines was closed.
The moderators of both former stand-alone forums — AZ Travels the World, aztimm, dstan, JDiverJY1024, miamigrad and Microwave — have also consolidated into one team to assist you in ensuring that your experience in participating in the consolidated forum and its sub-forums is as informative, valuable and pleasant for you as possible.
“Several threads devoted to specific topic areas have been created in an attempt to somewhat organize discussion around key topics we expect to to be popular”, posted AZ Travels the World.
The new forum and its sub-forums are structured as follows:

  • American Airlines AAdvantage (Consolidated) This new forum is for discussion of items related to the combined post-merger American Airlines, as well as the forthcoming combined American AAdvantage frequent flier loyalty program
    • American Airlines AAdvantage (Pre-Merger) This is the existing American AAdvantage forum, which will remain in place for discussion of items related to all items relevant to existing frequent fliers of American Airlines and AAdvantage frequent flier loyalty program members — including items related to the merger which only affect American Airlines and its customers prior to the official merger
    • US Airways Dividend Miles (Pre-Merger) Similarly, this is the existing US Airways Dividend Miles forum, which will remain in place for discussion of items related to all items relevant to existing frequent fliers of US Airways and Dividend Miles members — including items related to the merger which only affect US Airways and its customers prior to the official merger

The forum structure is patterned after that of the Delta SkyMiles and United Airlines forums — both of which were consolidated after the official mergers of Delta Air Lines with Northwest Airlines and United Airlines with Continental Airlines were closed.
In other forum news on FlyerTalk:
Closure of bmi diamond club Forum The bmi diamond club forum will close as of December 31, 2013. “Some select content may make its way to the BA forum to allow for any residual bmi issues that may still stand, but in the main, this forum will be moved to the Discontinued Programmes Forum and locked”, posted GoldCircle, who is one of the moderators of the bmi diamond club forum. If you want to bid adieu to this forum, this is your last opportunity to do so before it is closed and moved.
Renaming of FlyerTalk Forums Under Way You might have noticed that the names of some of the forums located under the Airline Programs section heading on FlyerTalk have changed; and they will eventually change in the Hotel Programs section heading as well. This is to better reflect the purpose of the airline and hotel forums — which originally were dedicated to the discussion of frequent travel loyalty program miles and points — to also include discussion pertaining to the airlines and hotels themselves; as well as the posting of trip reports and other discussions related to travel.
Originally suggested back in June earlier this year, the motion was officially passed by members of TalkBoard last month and the changes have already been implemented to some forums on FlyerTalk.
An example of the renaming is that the Delta SkyMiles forum will eventually be known as the Delta Air Lines | SkyMiles forum — reflecting both the airline and its frequent travel loyalty program.
This change is meant to be evolutionary and not revolutionary, so it will take some time and patience. One reason is because those involved with information technology at Internet Brands — the company which owns FlyerTalk — do not want to break any links to those forums which have been posted in the past in order to have the transition implemented as smoothly as possible.
All changes are meant to contribute towards improving your user experience on FlyerTalk — and your feedback is always welcome on any ideas which you may have for further improvements to FlyerTalk. You also may post new feedback, suggestions and ideas pertaining to forums on FlyerTalk in the TalkBoard Topics forum.

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