Construction Flaw: What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Photograph by FlyerTalk member RatherBeOnATrain. Click on the photograph for the discussion on FlyerTalk posted by RatherBeOnATrain.

FlyerTalk member RatherBeOnATrain was staying at a Staybridge Suites hotel property — the exact location unknown at this time — and was bowled over at noticing that the door to the bathroom of the hotel room had undergone a modification of sorts, as shown in the above photograph.
Apparently, the door to the bathroom would not open because the toilet bowl was in the way — so someone cut out a portion of the door in the shape of where the lids of the toilet bowl met the door so that it would open.
Not wanting to keep a lid on this finding, RatherBeOnATrain posted photographic proof of this construction anomaly in this discussion on FlyerTalk.

Photograph by FlyerTalk member RatherBeOnATrain.

I suppose cutting out the door as if a shark bit into it was easier than attempting to move a toilet. I hope that you did not see the movie Jaws recently.
Staybridge Suites is one of the portfolio of twelve brands of InterContinental Hotels Group, described as: “Spacious suites with fully equipped kitchens and roomy workstations help you settle in and get things done. Plus, the complimentary hot breakfast buffet, free Wireless Anywhere and The Social evening receptions get you going and keep you connected in every way.”
I guess the marketing used to describe the Staybridge Suites brand does not include the experience of entering the bathroom connected to your hotel room by using the door — so for that reason, I disagree with the “keep you connected in every way” aspect.
You would think that with approximately 200 locations of Staybridge Suites hotel properties — multiplied by however many rooms comprise each hotel property — already in use around the world, that they would have nailed down the measurements of all components to each hotel room by now.
I have personally experienced hotel rooms with construction flaws in them — gaping holes ripped either in the wall or the ceiling which are too large for the pipes going through them in the bathroom, for example.
I now have no doubt that this particular hotel room is a cut above the others at Staybridge Suites after seeing that a-door-able solution to what might have been a problem which could have caused someone to back up and think twice about staying as a guest — but I will pipe down now and just call this a wash.
Have you experienced any construction faux-pas in any hotel property at which you have stayed as a guest? Please post your stories in the Comments section below. Thank you!

One thought on “Construction Flaw: What Is Wrong With This Picture?”

  1. spin2nd says:

    Looks like an old property where the elongated ‘man-sized’ john was retrofitted later…

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