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Photograph ©2013 by Brian Cohen.

Controversy: “Delta Supports Much-Needed Immigration Reforms”

T he official Twitter newsroom of Delta Air Lines released a “tweet” which has had people threatening to not patronize the airline:

The immigration reforms refer to what Barack Obama — the president of the United States — announced in a speech on Thursday, November 20, 2014 whose video and transcript are provided in this link courtesy of The Washington Post.

The official statement from Delta Air Lines pertaining to immigration reforms is as follows:

“Delta Air Lines applauds the steps announced this week to enact much-needed reforms to the nation’s immigration system,” said Joanne Smith, Delta’s Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer. “The President’s actions will provide economic development opportunities and enhance public safety by streamlining legal immigration while cracking down on illegal immigration at the border and focusing on deporting felons rather than families.”

Here are some of the responses to that “tweet” as found here at Twitchy:

“Logged 47,000 miles so far this year with Delta. Today that ends. Finding a new cattle hauler.” — Joe Pesky

“Immigration reform may be needed, but by EO is wrong. Delta just lost my business.” — Randy Collins

“I am DONE with you.” — Lori_NMetroATL

“never flying Delta again. And that’s a promise.” — Billy Lyons

What do you think? Will the stance and position on which Delta Air Lines has publicly taken on immigration reforms affect your patronage of the airline in the future? Please state why or why not.

Photograph ©2013 by Brian Cohen.

  1. People will still fly Delta if they are the cheapest fare… There are plenty of companies out there that have taken stands on political issues yet still are patronized.

  2. Yes, I am seriously rethinking my travel plans with DL for 2015. Diamond Medallion and I spent over 60K with them in 2014.

    Why do companies feel they must let the whole world know their political leanings and possibly alienate a majority of their customers?

    1. oh puh-leez! who are you kidding. you’ll be on Delta the next time you need to be somewhere and they’re the only non-stop in town. Don’t be so dramatic or so ignorant as to your politics. LOL! I love watching neocons foam at the mouth over such silly issues. Obama hasn’t done anything any other Republican president has. Including your God, Reagan.

  3. Those people saying that they’re leaving Delta are so dramatic. Seriously.

    What people really are going to be leaving Delta for is their Skymiles 2015 disaster.

    Fwiw I love Delta and love their product, I fly them internationally and domestically all the time – But I don’t even have a Skymiles account. Credit everything to Alaska, to a real FF program

    1. Sorry, the Skymiles program is what I want/need/use. My decision is purely based on they support for an illegitimate EO issued by a wannabe tyrant.

      1. Besides the fact that what the pres. did is completely legal and will help not only families with children, not allow these people to get citizenship and NO GOVERNMENT BENEFITS, why do you think Delta would support this?
        As an aside, over half the people this action will help own homes, and have been here over ten years.
        Notwithstanding Congress’ extremely LOW approval rating – lower than the pres. I might add – they do have a bipartisan bill, passed in the Senate that the Speaker of the House refused to even put to a vote way over a year ago!
        Looks like this Congress has earned the name “Do Nothing”

        1. I certainly hope that you feel that way when the next Republican president decides to stop enforcement of environmental laws, tax laws, or whatever issues are near and dear to your heart.

          Sauce for the gander and all that.

  4. To be honest, I don’t really follow politics very closely so I only know a little bit about this. But I generally don’t like companies making a PR “show” of their politics, whatever they may be. I get why their PR departments try to do so. But, it’s not as if their press release will have any weight in what happens on this matter; and two, focus your time and energy on a better airline and FFP (yeah I know I’m dreaming on the last one!).

  5. Hilarious theatrics from the disgruntled Teabaggers! Most of whom probably have their emails printed by someone 30 years younger so they can read them on paper. If you want a reason to leave Delta, it should be the terrible “enhancements” not what some underpaid flunky tweeted.

    1. Thank you. I did not know that the EVP of HR for DAL directed a “flunky” to tweet out the news that is on DAL’s site.

  6. I’d guess the same percentage will leave DL as left the U.S. after promising to do so if Obama was (re)elected. Pure hyperbole.

  7. Obama & democrats are ANTI immigrant and pro illegal foreigners! Remember this, Obama & Democrats are NOT interested in you If you are a lawfully admitted immigrant and living here lawfully and are not accepting any tax payer funded freebies. They have to create their own version of immigrants and paint them as victim and give Amnesty! Obama keeps saying ” pass a bill”. Well what about the bill already passed and became a law? What about the INA aka immigration & nationality act? Read that law, execute that law and enforce that law. That’s your job MR low information President! Check Mexico’s immigration law or immigration laws of any of the 175 countries in the world. None allows illegal immigration, None gives Amnesty for breaking the law. You
    WILL be punished for illegal entry and illegal stay. Why are these
    illegal foreigners demanding that we do something for them? These are
    NOT immigrants. These are law breakers. Immigrants are those who came
    here lawfully like TED CRUZ, myself and many others, lawfully admitted and living here lawfully without
    accepting any tax payer funded freebies!

    Obama not only didn’t want to fix the immigration system, but he actually made is worse by legalizing illegal immigration, legalizing lawlessness.
    He like all the pro illegal aliens lies by calling it a broken
    immigration system as an excuse to pass Amnesty! We have legal
    immigration system and illegals must not be rewarded for their unlawful
    actions.The truth is there is no broken immigration system. There is lawless system! There is illegal immigration and it’s the President’s job to faithfully executing the law by enforcing the existing immigration laws.The problem is illegal immigration, the problem is lawlessness and we need to fix these by enforcing the laws. The law says NO OPEN BORDER, NO AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS. Amnesty will destroy the working class American citizens and we the American people have to keep paying even more to pay for the free healthcare, free food stamps, free public school and tens of thousands of tax payer dollars as child tax credit for the illegal alien anchor babies. Why you think the illegal foreigners despite
    being illiterate and poor make and have up to 10 kids in each family?
    That’s because We the working class American people are paying for
    everything for them and up to $15K every year free cash as tax credits. The president could have sided with the American people and fix the lawlessness and illegal immigration by enforcing the laws! He instead chose the punish the working class, the poor Americans by legalizing illegal aliens! We can’t afford this and it is wrong! This must be defunded!

  8. Darth Choc – Delta is devastated that you’re leaving them. I hope they reverse their stance to retain you and keep you happy.

    Anyways, what’s the upside for Delta here? Why even bother? I would think the PR department would be cutting the power to the Delta Twitter Newsroom or whatever right after it got sent.
    Oh well – people are still going to fly Delta. People are still going to eat at Chickfila. People are still going to think they know everything about politics.

  9. Companies shouldn’t take political positions – such pronouncements do not benefit shareholders.

    But this press release will have approximately zero effect one way or the other. People have more important things to worry about when planning travel than some forgotten press release.

    And it is pretty shameful that we Americans have been literally pulling young children out of the arms of their mothers and fathers by the millions while Congress has done nothing to resolve the issue in a humane way – for a decade.

    I’m glad these horrendous acts in our name will at least be lessened by the actions of President Obama – better late than never.

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